2017 Volunteer of the Year - Thomas Meyer

The Toronto Ultimate Club is very proud to announce our 2017 Volunteer of the Year, Thomas Meyer. Thomas is a long time volunteer for the club and has served on multiple committees as well as on the TUC Board of Directors for over ten years. Thomas' most significant contribution to the club comes from his incredibly high commitment to TUC juniors programming since 2003. If you've played juniors ultimate in Toronto in the last fifteen years, you're very likely to have at one time or another have had Thomas as a coach. In 2017, Thomas volunteered his time to coach year round, and for most of that tme coaching multiple nights a week. This isn't particularly an outlier in terms of Thomas' commitment either, he's been a leader in youth development for the Toronto scene for years. Thank you Thomas so much for your incredible contributions to the Toronto Ultimate Club in 2017, we're very lucky to have you and your impact on youth development will be seen for years to come.