COVID-19 UPDATE: What the Red Level Restrictions Mean to TUC

Dear Fellow TUC Members,


TUC Leadership continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.


On 3 November 2020, Premier Doug Ford announced the Province's new framework (COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open), which afforded more flexibility and a targeted approach to balance public health and the economy.


This new framework has five (5) phases/levels: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Grey, with each level/phase having more stringent restrictions. Green being the equivalent of Stage 3, and Grey, being a lockdown, like Stage 1.


On 3 November, Doug Ford announced that Toronto would remain in modified Stage 2 until 14 November, at the request of Toronto Public Health. And that on 14 November, Toronto would shift to the new system in the Orange Phase. At that time, TUC leadership began to work with our venue providers to discuss the fall indoor season.


On Tuesday, 10 November, Toronto Public Health announced that Toronto would, on 14 November, move into the Red phase of the new framework and would remain in the Red phase for twenty-eight (28) days. In the Red phase, team sports are not allowed to play games or scrimmage, and can only train in groups of 10 participants (or less). In addition to the base restrictions of the Red phase, Dr. De Villa has strongly recommended that Torontonians limit all contact to those in their household.  


Unfortunately, in that vein, TUC activities will remain suspended to align with the new framework, and per our local Public Health authority's recommendation.


Lastly, we know that on Friday, 20 November (today), that Premier Ford will be announcing additional restrictions, and TUC leadership will review these measures and will advise how and if they affect TUC and its programming.


Kind Regards,


Jo Malisani

Executive Director