School Clinics

School Clinics

Over the past few years, the Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC) has proudly hosted many clinics for teaching the sport of ultimate frisbee to a variety of audiences, from brand new players to competitive, experienced players. This year we proudly offer school clinics to Toronto-area schools. For our introductory clinics, our experienced instructors will spend each session teaching students the rules of the game, mechanics of throwing and catching discs properly through effective drills and exercises, and hosting a fun scrimmage at the end to put it all together. This year we are also offering more advanced clinics as well depending on the needs of your school that can focus more on advanced defensive and offensive strategies. In all clinics, we will also introduce students to the many opportunities outside of school that are available for continuing on to learn about and play the sport even after our sessions are completed. For more information on our rates and services call TUC at 416.461.0882 or email

Ultimate is a great sport to teach students for a number of reasons:

  • It is a growing sport (our club alone has more than 3500+ members) and thus offers many levels of competitive play, from local leagues (including Juniors!) to international competitive levels
  • The equipment needed is minimal (a few field markers, and a disc)
  • The emphasis of the sport on teamwork, communication, mutual respect, and fair play as much as skill make it a well balanced, effective teaching tool for sport conduct

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Besides clinics, TUC offers disc sales to participating schools to help promote the sport to students outside of the classroom! For more information, please contact us at!

Toronto Juniors Ultimate Facebook Group

We have a Facebook Group page specifically for Juniors playing Ultimate in the GTA! This page is run by Juniors, for Juniors, and it's a forum to gossip about the latest Ultimate news or get updates on Juniors Ultimate events in Toronto. Check it out and join up now! Login to Facebook and then try this link: If it doesn't work search for 'Toronto Juniors Ultimate'.