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Delay of game by defense?

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Delay of game by defense?

Postby Richard K » Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:34 am

So, UPA 11th is clear about how to handle an offensive team delaying the game, or either team after a timeout. However, I don't see a good way (in UPA 11th) to handle a defensive delay of game call.

Situation: A stoppage occurs (foul, pick, etc.), and play requires a defensive check to restart. Offensive team is ready, but defensive team refuses to check the disc in, delaying unnecessarily to set and reset their defense, talk about the weather, chat about a previous play, rest, etc.

Such behaviour is against rule XIX.B (Etiquette; XIII.A.5 explicitly states XIX.B is actually a rule), so technically it's a violation. A better way might be to politely ask the team so speed up than calling a violation. Of course taking some time to adjust the defense is reasonable, and I'm only wondering about when the time taken becomes unreasonable.

Any suggestions on how to handle such teams that habitually delay, especially when under a time cap?

[Recall that after out-of-bounds, etc., it's not a stoppage and does not require a defensive check, just touch disc to ground and go, so those situations can't be delayed like this.]
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Postby GregS » Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:14 pm

Slap the disc against the nearest defender's butt and play on?
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