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GOAT vs. DbleWde free video

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GOAT vs. DbleWde free video

Postby @UltiCraig » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:16 pm

Just posted at, Toronto's GOAT's quarterfinal appearance against Brodie Smith and Doublewide at the 2011 USA Championships.

Watch for free. ... t-29-2011/

All 4 Finals games available as well.
Open: Revolver vs. Ironside, a rematch of 2010.
Women: Fury, 6 time defending Champs vs. Riot
Mixed: Polar Bears, 2010 Champs vs. Blackbird, both teams from San Francisco.
Masters: Surly vs. Beyonders.

of the eight teams that made the Finals, 6 were from the west coast, 5 from Cali and 4 from San Fran. Ironside is Boston and Surly from Minneapolis.

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