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Photos: UPA Club Championships - Sarasota Florida - 2008

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Photos: UPA Club Championships - Sarasota Florida - 2008

Postby GwaiLo » Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:40 pm

Some pics I captured at this year's UPA Club Championsips in Sarasota.

We tried to watch as many of the Canadian games as we could, but they were usually all playing at the same time, so we had to choose. Caught GOAT vs. Subzero on Friday night, caught 2 Traffic games (Quarter-finals against Backhoe, and Semi-finals against Fury). There are also some pics of the other Semi-finals women's game with O-Zone vs. Riot, and some miscellaneous shots from games sharing sidelines with the ones we watched.

Pics have been re-sized, but not colour-corrected, or labelled. Sorry, no time for that. Enjoy... (btw...I'm not a photographer or anything, I just thought I would share my pics, so be easy on me :p). Also, my wife took over the camera for the Riot / OZone game, so she deserves any credit for those pics towards the end of the set. ... 31/detail/

a couple of teasers...



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Postby Edk001 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:29 pm

You understate your photo skills, Darren (and your wife's too). Great pics - now I know I have a potential backup when I'm out running around on the field :P

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