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Postby GregS » Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:28 pm

Franchise management has been updated to allow for multiple owners. If you are a former team captain who owns the team franchise, and someone else will be registering the team this spring (registration starts on Monday!), you should add them as an owner before they attempt to register, in order to avoid complications at that time. This is done under Teams -> Franchises -> {Franchise Name} -> Add an Owner.


Franchises are a way to connect teams together across multiple seasons. The primary use of this at the moment is to assist with summer playoff roster management, but there are other, more interesting and fun things that will be done with it in the future.

Why it's important:

When you go to register a team, you must either add it to a franchise that you are already an owner of or create a new franchise. If you choose to create a new franchise, it will name it the same as the team. However, a new franchise cannot be created with the same name as an existing one, and all teams from last summer are already in franchises with the same name as the team (with a couple of minor exceptions).

For example, if your name is Darren Gray and you're the owner of the Hammer Hawks franchise, but you're so busy with your new baby (or your credit card is maxed out from buying diapers) and you delegate registration of the team to someone else who is not a co-owner of the franchise, they will not be able to add the team to the existing franchise, and they will not be able to register a team named Hammer Hawks with a new franchise, because that franchise name is already taken.

So, get any other owners added ASAP (you can do it any time), because it would suck if Hammer Hawks (or any other team) missed a registration deadline for some completely avoidable reason.
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Postby GwaiLo » Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:53 pm

Bahahaha. Great example. That guy Darren sounds like a chump.
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