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TPL Season XIV: Seinfeld

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Re: TPL Season XIV: Seinfeld

Postby rajiv » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:18 pm

BBS Stats Post
Full stats leaderboard can be found here ... x5xyREQFvg

Also, if you haven't done so, find the TPL facebook page and like it!

Male MVP
This week’s male MVPs is Gareth Cawley. This is his 2nd MVP honors this year and 15th lifetime.

1 Goals
9 Assists
1 2nd Assists
3 Ds
4 Throwaways
0 Receiver Error

Female MVP
This week's female MVP is Alex Boros-Harmer. This is her 1st MVP honors this year and her 1st lifetime.

6 Goals
2 Assists
1 2nd Assists
1 Ds
1 Throwaways
0 Receiver Error

Defensive players of the week
The male defensive player(s) of the week are Rajiv Seneviratne with 5 D's.
The female defensive player(s) of the week are Alexa Skinner & Jocelyn Chan with 3 D's


Aaron Hooper 56
Jeff Steele 41
Keegan Lee-Newbury 36

Goals - Female
Kyra Healey 32
Carolina Vargas 29
Laura Archila 28

Norman Lew 69
Will Mercer 58
Gareth Cawley 53

Assists - Female
Jessie Tsang 25
Natalie Wong 21
Kaity Williams 19

2nd Assist
Natalie Wong 23
Matt Kishi 22
Norman Lew 21

2nd Assist - Female
Natalie Wong 23
Chelsea Jackson 19
Heidi Siu 16

Most Ds
Rajiv Seneviratne 25
Benjamin St.Louis 24
Aaron Hooper 24

Most Ds - Female
Alexa Skinner 15
Alyne Azucena 12
Alex Boross-harmer 12

Norman Lew 44
BC Roedde 36
Matt Kishi 35

Top Salary
Norman Lew 596000
Jeff Steele 549500
Aaron Hooper 546000

Top Female Salary
Laura Archila 360000
Alex Boross-harmer 355500
Jessie Tsang 352500


These people have reached the following milestones

100 Goals - Vincent Poon & Peter Hawkings
250 Goals -
500 Goals -

200 Assists -
500 Assists -
1000 Assists -

50 Ds - David Ip & Gail Russel
100 Ds -

100 Throwaways -
250 Throwaways

$1,000,000 - James Ho & Jarel Villarroya
$2,000,000 - Peter Hawkings
$5,000,000 - Chris Loat

20 Wins - Helen O'Sullivan
50 Wins -

Century Club (100G, 100A, 100 2A, 100D, 100TA) -
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Re: TPL Season XIV: Seinfeld

Postby grahamh » Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:28 pm

Sharing the stats pulled from the stats app so far this season. Like last season I've thrown in some basic efficiency stats (touches per game, passes per game, completion %, female % and assist %). ... sp=sharing

If you highlight cells A2:AF171 you should be able to create a temporary filter (via the data menu) to sort by any of the stat categories. A minor bit of good news, women have been slightly more involved this season as compared to last.

This season I've also included total stats for each team throughout the season. Obviously team composition changes week to week, but I figured the numbers here might give a sense as to how different teams have tried to build their teams (e.g. heavy on hucks, or more towards consistent disc movement).
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Re: TPL Season XIV: Seinfeld

Postby dentonmatthew » Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:52 pm

Taking a quick look at Graham’s stats.
Shout outs due to Misiu and Andrew Fell for being top ladies men, with 67.4 and 64.4% female %.
There were a total of 8 men over 60%, but also a lot between 55% and 60%, including many of the highest volume touch handlers.

There were also a few big outliers. Maybe that should impact lottery chances?

Supporting the team: 17 ladies over 40% female %. Shout outs to Emily T 50.5%, Lindsay C 53.3, Barbara H 56.4, Sarah L 58.3, and Raffel S 57.1%.
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Re: TPL Season XIV: Seinfeld

Postby grahamh » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:12 am

dentonmatthew wrote:Shout outs due to Misiu and Andrew Fell for being top ladies men, with 67.4 and 64.4% female %.

Misiu was also one of three men to hit 60% last season (Mathew Harder, who was on Misiu's team, and Tyler Curtis were the other two). Misiu's teams have also placed at the top of the leader board for women involvement in S13 and S14 (52.5% last season, 49.1% this season), so he's obviously doing something right when it comes to building inclusive teams.
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Re: TPL Season XIV: Seinfeld

Postby Big Country » Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:18 pm

As far as the female to men throwing ratios, you always have to take it with a grain of salt. The team make up is a big factor, as well as sample size, league makeup season to season, and many other factors.

For example, I personally have had seasons where I have thrown 80% to women and seasons where it is the other way around. Please always take this into account before making bold statements on people who you think are looking off people, etc. There is always more to the story.

Too much data crunching can very easily point the finger inappropriately. Please always keep this in mind.

A couple of scenarios to consider related to the team makeup.

Team A:
Has a handler who likes to throw long, the team has only one deep weapon (or person who even cuts long) and it is a lady, they have a 90% ratio throwing to women.
Team B:
Has a handler who likes to throw long, the team has only one deep weapon (or person who even cuts long) and it is a dude, they have a 90% ratio throwing to men.
Team C:
There is a cutter who is very uncomfortable with the disc, the team's high touch handlers for resets are all men, they have a 90% ratio throwing to men.
Team D:
There is a cutter who is very uncomfortable with the disc, the team's high touch handlers for resets are all women, they have a 90% ratio throwing to women.
Team E:
There is a dominant male elite player on a team who catches every second pass because they are always open under and cuts everyone off. The entire team has high ratios throwing to men compared to women. Is this a problem with the throwers, the dominate cutter, or the GM controlling the dominant player to be inclusive?

These are actually extremely common scenarios. I wouldn't want to label any of these people as good or bad at throwing to genders fairly.

Even the general skill makeup of a team comes into play:
A team has an extremely strong crop of women who catch everything and a male group who is barely open and when they are they drop or misread a lot. All the handlers have a high ratio of completed throws to women. We don't track failed throws (which gender is thrown too).
A team has an extremely strong crop of men who catch everything and a female group who is barely open and when they are they drop or misread a lot. All the handlers have a high ratio of completed throws to men.

Just something to think about.....
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Re: TPL Season XIV: Seinfeld

Postby mmurl » Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:37 am

Game box score recaps for the games that mattered:

Bennything vs Big San
Bennything at 1-10 caps what is the worst TPL season on the books. It looks like they led 12-10 at the ¾ mark and then gave up a crushing 4 consecutive goals including a ridiculous 27 pass goal that tied the game. With 6 possessions to go it was all square and on those last 6 possessions Bennything completed only 3 passes – a 3 pass goal to go along with 5(!!!!) first pass TAs. Ouch! Big San kept the flow with nearly twice as many passes in the game and finished strong, icing it with another 16 pass score.

Not to bury the lede here but of statistical significance after discussing this on the board before, Big San recorded the first 0 drop game in something like 2 years! 192 completions, 0 drops, 1 come from behind win.

Pretzels vs Wan Hands
This game was full of swings. Both teams started quite slow (a pattern in the playoffs) before Pretzels scored 4 consecutive into half for a 10-7 lead. Pretzels extended the lead to 4 after the start of the 2nd half and then went ice cold scoring only 1 time on the next 10 possessions while Wan Hands plugged away scoring about every other before 3 in a row to take a 13-12 lead with 6 possessions to go. Now Wan Hands went cold failing on their next 5 while Pretzels scored 3 in a row using 35 passes to take full control of the game and seal it.

Nearly all stats were similar aside from Pretzel’s balance poking through again with a 79/80 split and 8 players >12 completions vs Wan's 102/53 and 8 players < 7 completions.

Kramer vs Christanza
Another slow start at 3-3 ¼ of the way in. Then both teams started to score in a flourish with Kramer going 6 of 8 and Christanza 7 of 9 to take a 10-9 lead at around halftime (half possessions). In the back half of the game Kramer put together some lengthier possessions and two 3-goal streaks while Christanza must have gone a lot more high risk with only 4 of 19 possessions more than 4 passes including 8 turnovers on first or seconds passes. Kramer stretched out a comfortable lead and then played safe offense and everyone back D.

Kramer had 176 completions and spread it around considerably with 9 players > 10 completions. Christanza had only 119 and 3 players > 10, a near miss on a dropless game with only 1.

Parity Now vs Schwoop
It sounded like the headline for this game was Hooper with a bad injury (hopefully nothing significant and a quick recovery). Schwoop looks to be the one team that came out hot to start a playoff game going 13 of 18 and breaking out to a huge 13-3 lead around half (they only scored 14 total against this same team last week in a 12pt loss!). They then got a little too comfortable scoring only 5 more times on 21 attempts and Parity made a strong run to close it down to only lose by 3.

Very even stats in the end, both near 1:1 A:TA, 133 vs 135 passes so it could be as simple as a slow start and the 4 extra drops on Parity including a 3 streak early in the game.

It was only the pre-quarters with 4 teams eliminated but the top leaderboard players took the majority of the blow. From the stats going into the week:

Top 3 salary – ALL eliminated
Top 3 goals – 2 of 2 eliminated (3rd not in an elimination game)
Top 3 lady goals – 1 of 1 eliminated (2 not in elimination games)
Top 3 assists – 2 of 3 eliminated
Top 3 Ds – ALL eliminated
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Re: TPL Season XIV: Seinfeld

Postby klln1998 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:14 pm

A quick summary of the quarter finals with the Semi's coming up tomorrow night.

An exciting set of games with the largest score gap being only 4 have narrowed down the field to the final 4 teams competing for the coveted *insert Seinfeld reference* and eternal TPL Glory.

First, the game between Heisosceles Kramer and No Schwoup for Jules! A pretty close game all the way through but Goals on 11 of their last 14 possessions left No Schwoup for Jules! the winners with a final score of 23-21. Alex Smith scored or assisted on 7 of those 11 goals and finished the game with 7G 4A, while Jules added 5G 5A himself and the biggest stand out stat-wise for their women was Megan Lee with 3G 1A. Strong performance from the losing side as well with Kramer and Melbourne each picking up 5 assists while Heidi added another 4. Ben Goodman led the team in scoring with 5 Goals.

The second quarter final was the closest game with Jake's team pulling out a narrow victory over Big San Wants A Clairezone, final score 20-19. Jake's team was missing two of their high volume throwers but despite the lack of chemistry with the subs early the team had a hot start scoring on 7 of 11 possessions. Clairezone controlled the middle 2/4 of the game but Festivus finished strong scoring on 8 of their final 11 possessions to secure the win. DWong put the team on his back with 6G 7A with no turnovers and 34 completed passes. Kyra Healey added 3G 3A for the victorious side. Marianne (4G 2A) and Heather Gilmourn (3G 2A) led scoring for their team while Jeff Luckett and Maxim Tomashevsky both picked up 4 assists.

The regular season first and third place teams faced off in the third quarter final with Ahluway Industries beating J. Peterman & Shoozie's Parity Night of Passion 16-14. The lowest scoring quarter final due to Peter and Shoe's 209 passes and Ahluway's 156. Ahluway scored 7 of their final 10 possessions compared to 4 out 10 by their opponents. Less possessions means less high stat lines like in the other quarters. Graham led his team with 4G 3A and Alex Boross-harmer led Peter and Misiu's team with 3G 2A.

The last Quarter was between The van der Weerden Boys and Girls and These pretzels are Meghan me thirstRay! Neither team had a very fast start to the game with Pretzels leading 4-1 after each teams first 10 possessions but Boys and Girls picked it up right after that scoring on 8 of their next 10 possessions. The Game stayed pretty close the whole way but long 19 throw possession where all 6 women on Boys and Girls touched the disc before the goal was finally scored took enough time off the clock to seal the victory, a few short possessions later left the final score 21-17. Gareth (2G 9A) and Jessie (4G 2A) led the way for Pretzels while Loat (7A 44passes) controlled the offense for Boys and Girls with Keegan Lee-Newbury and Aaron Zucker each adding 4G 2A and number 1 overall pick Chelsea Jackson scored 3 goals.

Semi Finals:
Boys and Girls vs Ahluway 8pm
No Schwoup for Jules! vs Festivus 10pm
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