Getting Started

If you have never played organized Ultimate Frisbee before and don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! Getting into Ultimate is very easy as little equipment is required and there are a number of leagues and clinics offered by TUC that are intended for beginner and novice players. Plus TUC players are always great at helping out beginners so it is a welcoming and fun environment; nothing to be intimidated by!

Firstly it is important that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Knowing the rules is important because Ultimate is a self-refereed sport. You don't have to know the rulebook inside and out, but at least try to know the basics before you get started and then you can pickup the rest along the way. You should also be familiar with Spirit of the Game and its importance to our sport. Ultimate is not like any other team sport and Spirit of the Game is what makes it so unique and fun to play.

Check out our New Player section on the web site for information on how to get started in TUC leagues and/or events.

Once you've covered the basics you are ready to get going. For newer players we suggest participating in offerings that cater to RECREATIONAL level players (leagues or clinics). Pickup and hat tournaments are also good options to get started and they are generally a mix of new and experienced players:

  • Clinics: TUC offers clinics throughout the year and they are posted on the website and in various member communications. Most clinics that we offer are for beginners and focus specifically on skills like throwing, catching, and cutting. They are taught by high-level players and we highly recommend these clinics to new players. Keep checking the website for clinics offered.
  • Leagues: TUC offers seasonal leagues for all skill levels. You can register a team if you have a sizable group of players wanting to play, you can try to join a team looking for players, or you can register as an individual to be placed on a team. Read further for more info.
  • Hat Tournaments: Primarily during the summer, we offer Hat Tournaments, which are day-long events in central Toronto where individuals sign-up and everyone is assigned to a team. These tournaments are typically a mix of old new players, and are generally casual and very social.
  • Pickup: These are informal pickup games that are typically organized by members of the Club, not the Club itself. Players post details on our BBS or Facebook group and then meet and organize themselves.