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The Board has a number of working committees - should you be interested in joining any of these committees please contact

Board Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee: Are empowered, at request of the Chair, to act between Board meetings, in good faith and in times of crisis. Committee consists of President, Vice President, and Secretary.
  • Human Resources Committee: Establishes performance benchmarks for TUC staff. Monitors and evaluates staff performance. Consults on recruiting and hiring staff when required.
  • Operations Committee: Monitors Club operations. Provides recommendations and consults with the ED on changes to operational policy.
  • Finance Committee: Led by the Club's Secretary. Develops and revises financial policies. Monitors Club finances. Assists the ED with budget preparation. Advises on large financial expenditures.

Temporary Committees

Temporary committees can be created by the Board at any time by a Motion that passes with a majority vote of the Board. Current ad-hoc committees include;

  • Governance Committee: Reviews TUC Bylaws and ensures adherence with the relevant Federal and Provincial Not-For-Profit Corporations Acts. Reviews TUC organizational practices and policies. Identifies and recommends candidates for the Board.
  • Women’s Committee: Leads, creates and participates in initiatives to increase female participation, recruitment, and retention. Identifies goals and acts as liaison to TUC Board on decisions and activities relating to women's participation in ultimate at all skill levels. People of all genders are welcome to serve on this committee.
  • Juniors Committee: Creates plan for youth & juniors programs, recruitment, and retention. Advises TUC staff on juniors’ issues. Acts as liaison to TUC Board on juniors’ decisions and activities.
  • Strategic Plan Committee: Monitors and evaluates the progress of the Club in relation to goals and objectives set forth in the Strategic Plan. (Our strategic plan is due for evaluation and review in 2017, so 2016 will be a key preparation year.) Works with the ED to identify new goals and objectives when required.

Board Overview

The Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC or Club) Board of Directors is comprised of up to nine (9) individuals, who must be TUC members in good standing, who have been elected by the membership at the TUC Annual General Meeting (AGM). One does not need to have any special skill set to be on the Board; though the Club does benefit from a varied set of skills and experience. It is important that Board members are active, engaged, and, willing to offer their personal KSAP’s (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and, Passion) to the Club. In spite of the not for profit status; Board members are still bound by all laws of Ontario and Canada in their responsibilities and the performance of their duties. Board members are legally and morally responsible for every aspect of the operation of the Toronto Ultimate Club on behalf of its Membership.

In addition to full responsibility for the Club, Directors act as visionaries, problem solvers, listeners, policy makers, and, ambassadors for the Club both among its membership and to external third parties. The Board’s Executive, including the President, Vice President, and, Secretary, has signing authority for the Club. There are a number of roles and responsibilities that TUC Board members are expected to fulfill during their two year term. They must show a duty of loyalty and care, declare any conflicts of interest, and keep important Club information confidential.