Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Chelsea Jackson

Chelsea has been a member of TUC since 2008 and have been a volunteer with the club for about eight years.  Chelsea is currently a captain of a TUC Women's team and plays on a team in every TUC season.  When asked why she volunteers her time, she stated, "I love ultimate, and I am very excited to bring my experience working in non-profit fundraising and partnerships to my position on the Board.  I am excited to help make TUC the best club in Canada!"

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Vice President

Juliet O'Farrell

Juliet joined TUC and starting playing ultimate in 2017, and joined our Board of Directors in September 2018.  You will see her on the field with our rec/intermediate teams, and playing 4v4 during the indoor season.

Juliet has work experience in communications and student recruitment and is eager to use her skills to help TUC grow out membership and increase engagement with our existing members.

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Colin Mattison

Colin comes from a multisport background and was introduced to ultimate through a friend who suggested he show up to his local pickup game ... and he was instantly hooked!  The following summer, he migrated his pickup team to TUC and kept going with league teams, TPL and touring.  Colin states, "I am strongly drawn to the ethics of ultimate, through Spirit of the Game, and greatly enjoy playing a competitive yet respect driven game.  This past year I became involved with TUC's Governance Committee, volunteering my time to coach and to mentor our membership and look to continue this work as Secretary of the Board of Directors."

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Lindsay Earle

Lindsay has been an ultimate player for over ten years; playing in both Vancouver and Toronto ultimate leagues, recreationally and competitively.  Lindsay is continuously drawn to the sport because of the amazing, diverse community it attracts and the experiences she's had through the sport.  Lindsay has played for some of the country's top competitive teams like Zephyr and Traffic in Vancouver (Women's), and Union (Mixed) here in Toronto, and has been given the privilege of representing on the world stage at two World Club Championships and one World Beach Championship.  Lindsay is passionate about leadership and loves the opportunity to give back to the ultimate community through mentoring, coaching and being on the Board, to help continue to grow the sport by promoting the things that make it so unique.  Her engineering background and experience in operations combined with her current work in partnerships for a not-for-profit and executive MBA studies enable Lindsay to bring a unique perspective to the Board.

Wesley Gardner

Wesley is entering his fourth year on the Board and has been a part of TUC since 2013, playing in almost every league during his time with the club.  Wesley enjoys volunteering his time for the Board as he wants to see participation in Ultimate continue to grow and for TUC to thrive in the Toronto market.  Wesley brings a focus on gender equity and competition of the game which is a perfect match for the committee he chairs, Operations.  Look for Wesley coaching our U18 Juniors on Thursday nights or playing on Monday nights with WIP.

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Andrew Hunter

Andrew has been a member of TUC since 2002, playing on various indoor and outdoor league teams, most notably the venerable Ninjastars.  He also periodically helps with juniors programs, TUC committees and has now returned to the Board.  He is passionate about Spirit of the Game, league play and ensuring members have the best possible experience and value for their membership.

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Patrick Russell

Six years ago, Patrick moved to Toronto and began playing Ultimate where he made a few friends.  Five years ago, those friends invited him to play in the Toronto Ultimate Club, where he made a few more friends.  Four years ago, those friends invited Patrick to play on other TUC teams where he made even more friends.  Three years ago, his TUC friends encouraged him to try out for touring teams, where he made more friends.  Three years ago, Patrick decided he wanted to give back to the Club and volunteer for the Women's Committee where he made even more friends.  One year ago, Patrick wanted to continue volunteering his time with TUC and ran for the Board of Directors, where he made more friends.  Today, Patrick has a close-knit community of people whom he loves and wants to help provide a space for other to build their own communities.



The Board has a number of working committees - should you be interested in joining any of these committees please contact

Board Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee: The members of the Executive Committee are empowered, at the request of the Chair, to act between Board meetings, in good faith and in times of crisis. The committee consists of the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary.
  • Human Resources Committee: The Human Resources Committee establishes performance benchmarks for TUC staff, as well as monitors and evaluates staff performance. The committee consults on recruiting and hiring staff when required.
  • Operations Committee: The Operations Committee provides recommendations and consults with TUC staff on changes to operational policy and procedures. The committee will discuss topics including but not limited to: touring, leagues, volunteers, tournaments and operational policies.
  • Finance Committee: The Finance Committee is responsible for assisting and advising the Executive Director and the Treasurer, and reporting to the Board, with respect to the preparation of the annual budget and financial statements, and analysis and reporting with respect to significant financial decisions. The committee aims to enhance transparency and accountability, and to support decision making.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad-Hoc committees can be created by the Board at any time by a Motion that passes with a majority vote of the Board. Current ad-hoc committees include:

  • Governance Committee: The Governance Committee reviews TUC Bylaws and ensures adherence with the relevant Federal and Provincial Not-For-Profit Corporations Acts. The committee also reviews TUC organizational practices and policies, as well as identifies and recommends candidates for the Board.
  • Inclusivity Committee: The Inclusivity Committee's mandate is to challenge TUC members, staff, Board members, committee members, and each other with difficult conversations that are aimed at implementing policies and practices that create a safe space for people from equity-seeking groups to come to, play in, and volunteer with the Toronto Ultimate Club.
  • 40th Anniversary Committee:  The 40th Anniversary Committee will liaise with TUC staff, Board of Directors, sub-groups and members regarding communications, planning, organizing, and running various events for TUC's 40th Anniversary in 2020.

Advisory Committees

  • Membership CommitteeThe Membership Committee analyzes trends in TUC members over the last 10 years, shares this information with major stakeholders and suggests league changes to the Operations Committee, if any. The committee assesses whether or not our membership business model is still working: the committee will take surveys, look at other successful clubs across Canada, and propose business model changes (if any) after taking into account financial impacts to the Board and staff.
  • Spirit of the Game Committee:  The Spirit of the Game Committee will lead initiatives to develop and promote Spirit of the Game within the TUC community by monitoring Spirit scores, creating and implementing programs that educate and promote Spirit of the Game within TUC programs, leagues and events.
  • Juniors Committee:  The Juniors Committee leads initiatives to increase Juniors' participation and retention, and works with TUC staff on ways to develop Junior programming.

Board Overview

The Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC or Club) Board of Directors is comprised of up to seven (7) individuals, who must be TUC members in good standing, who have been elected by the membership at the TUC Annual General Meeting (AGM). One does not need to have any special skill set to be on the Board; though the Club does benefit from a varied set of skills and experience. It is important that Board members are active, engaged, and, willing to offer their personal KSAP’s (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and, Passion) to the Club. In spite of the not for profit status; Board members are still bound by all laws of Ontario and Canada in their responsibilities and the performance of their duties. Board members are legally and morally responsible for every aspect of the operation of the Toronto Ultimate Club on behalf of its Membership.

In addition to full responsibility for the Club, Directors act as visionaries, problem solvers, listeners, policy makers, and, ambassadors for the Club both among its membership and to external third parties. The Board’s Executive, including the President, Vice President, and, Secretary, has signing authority for the Club. There are a number of roles and responsibilities that TUC Board members are expected to fulfill during their two year term. They must show a duty of loyalty and care, declare any conflicts of interest, and keep important Club information confidential.