Partner Pubs

There's nothing better than going for a drink and/or a bite after a game of Ultimate! The Toronto Ultimate Club has several pub and restaurant friends that support TUC teams and players, so we highly recommend that you go these pubs after your games - the more we support these pubs, the more they'll support TUC!

When you arrive at the pub simply tell the wait staff that you are from the Toronto Ultimate Club and your team name. Please note that each pub may have a different deal with TUC, and some deals are limited to certain seasons and/or nights. As well, pubs usually only honour the deals for a minimum group size of 6-8 people so keep that in mind. We also recommend calling in advance to book a table for your group, as this will help both you and the waitstaff.

If your waiter or manager is unsure of the TUC deal, if your waiter/manager denies the deal, or if your waiter/manager is unkind to your team, please conduct yourself with Spirit! If you have a problem with a TUC partner pub, be polite on site and then let us know (email If you don't like the pub then don't go again. Please do NOT argue with the staff, create a scene, or stiff the bill. Remember, you are a TUC team that is representing its Club - negative actions on your part can ruin it for other members and as per the TUC Discipline Policy can result in sanctions to your team. Be polite and file any valid complaint with TUC please.

Summer League Partner Pubs

Information will be revised ahead of the 2020 Summer Season.

Fall/Winter Indoor League Partner Pubs

We are pleased to announce that for the Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 Indoor Leagues, TUC has partnered with Morgans On The Danforth, who are located at 1282 Danforth Avenue, just a few blocks away from Monarch Park Stadium. 

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