Becoming a Member

Before getting into this page, we expect that you've read the New Players welcome page, and created a profile on the site as per the Joining the Club page. If that's the case, then you're ready for a membership, and you can proceed... membership registration is always open!

All players in TUC leagues must first be a valid member of the Toronto Ultimate Club. That is, first you register as a member (which supports staffing & insurance), and then you register for the appropriate league that you want to play in (which supports the actual field costs). Combined costs are still the best Ultimate value in the GTA.

If you're impatient and just want to get on with it already, you can jump straight to our membership registration page and get going; as a general rule, there will be only one or maybe two options for you there, so it's pretty straight-forward. But if you first want to learn a little more about what membership in TUC is all about or what the various options mean, please read on!

Membership Fees | Membership Benefits | Adult Memberships | Junior Memberships

Membership Fees - 2017/2018

Here are our current Membership Rates (all rates include HST):

Type of MembershipMembership YearCostInclusions
Adult MembershipApril 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018$8019+, covers all leagues, includes FF, voting rights
Introductory MembershipApril 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018$5519+, covers all leagues, no FF or voting rights
Post-Secondary Student MembershipApril 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018$5019+, covers all leagues, voting rights, no FF
Junior MembershipJanuary 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018$3518-, covers all leagues, no FF or voting rights

*FF stands for Field Fund contribution

Member Benefits

  • Free membership disc by Discraft;
  • A copy of the 11th edition UPA Rulebook (on request);
  • Free or discounted TUC events – skills & theory clinics, parties, hat tournaments, playoff tournaments;
  • Free LAYOUT – TUC e-newsletter delivering Club news and important updates directly to your inbox;
  • Partner discounts on discs, apparel and TEAM MEALS;
  • Participants' accidental liability coverage for all TUC members;
  • Volunteer programs – opportunities to teach youth, promote Spirit, and help the Club at events or on committees – earning you FREE GEAR at the TUC Shop;
  • TUC Shop – get your Ultimate gear at our head office located at Monarch Park Stadium, 1 Parkmount Road, Toronto;
  • Voting rights at our Annual General Meeting (not included in Intro or Junior Memberships);
  • Club grassroots membership with Ultimate Canada, giving touring players preferred fee rates and offering new Ultimate programs;
  • Dedicated TUC Managers – we are here for you!

Adult Memberships

All Adult TUC memberships are valid for one year, from 2 different starting points. Our typical membership year is from April 1 to March 31 of the following year, making you eligible for leagues from Spring through the following Winter. But we also offer a membership starting September 1 and finishing August 31 of the next year, making you eligible for leagues from Fall through the following Summer. This allows any player who missed the Spring/Summer League to join late but still receive a full year's value for their membership! These two membership starting points are available for Adult, Introductory or Post-Secondary Student memberships. Note that your membership period must cover the dates of any leagues you are playing in. That is, if you are currently competing in Winter leagues, you must register for the previous sessions membership. However, if you are competitng in Spring or Summer, your membership year must start on April 1st. Similarly, if you sign up for membership to start play in the Fall or Winter, your membership year must start the September 1 that has just passed, not April 1.

Adult Membership - $80

The current annual adult membership fee for returning members is $70/person (effective April or September 1st, rate subject to change). In addition you are required to contribute $10 towards the Fields Fund which was established in 2003. This fund is segregated from TUC's general revenues and will be used exclusively to improve access to playing fields. Fund outlays will be for capital projects (not operating expenses) such as field partnerships, purchasing land, upgrading brown-field sites, installing lights or artificial turf, or constructing an indoor facility. The membership portion of $70/person helps fund management fees, insurance costs, and membership packages. All TUC leagues and events are run on a self-financing basis.

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Introductory Membership - $55

TUC offers an Introductory Membership for $55/person (effective April or September 1st, rate subject to change). This one-time membership will be offered to adults who are brand new to the Toronto Ultimate Club (never previously been a member). Intro members are eligible to play on as many teams as they want, as long as it falls within their membership year. Once their Introductory Membership expires, they must then acquire a regular Adult Membership. Introductory Memberships also do not include Fields Fund contributions, voting rights at the TUC AGM, Board level, or other special meetings of the membership.

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Post-Secondary Student Membership - $50

TUC also offers a Post-Secondary Student Membership for adults — not to be confused with the Junior Membership! Cost is $50/person (effective April or September 1st, rate subject to change) (no Fields Fund contribution). This membership is available to all full-time and part-time adult students - it is our way of helping students save a couple bucks! In order to qualify for a Post-Secondary Student Membership, you must upload a copy of your valid Student ID AND a Letter from the Registrar verifying your current student status. You will not be able to register for this membership until you have provided these uploads and they are approved by an administrator. Post-Secondary Student members are eligible to play on as many teams as they want, as long as it falls within their membership year. You can also renew a Student Membership so long as you are a valid student. Post-Secondary Student Memberships include voting rights at the TUC AGM, Board level, or other special meetings of the membership.

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Junior Membership - $35

TUC offers a discounted membership fee of $35/person to players who are age 18 years or under as of December 31st of that calendar year. Juniors have the same privileges as adult members, except where age restrictions apply under the laws of Ontario (e.g. eligibility for the Board of Directors). Juniors can participate in adult leagues, however to do so they MUST adhere to the Juniors Participation Policy, which requires a Responsible Adult to be present for all games and a Responsible Adult Form to be submitted to TUC. Juniors can register on-line (below) but MUST provide TUC with a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian. Download & print the 2018 Juniors Waiver Form and mail it to TUC (or if you sign up late give it to your team captain/coach at your first game).

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