Adult Spring Ultimate

Spring Outdoor Season

Currently the Toronto Ultimate Club does not run any Spring specific leagues. Our Winter season runs February through April and our Summer league runs Mid-May through August.

Stay tuned for some clinics and pick-up ultimate in early May to tie us over from Winter to Summer.

Spirit, Safety & Fields

Spirit of the Game is an integral part of Ultimate. In order to encourage teams to play with Spirit, we are requiring all teams to submit a Spirit score as well as a game score after each game. It is the responsibility of both team captains to submit a spirit score for the other team after every game.

In the interest of safety, the TUC strongly discourages games from taking place on grass fields during poor weather or on soggy fields. If the weather becomes severe during your game (i.e. thunderstorms), be sure to follow TUC's Bad Weather PolicyMetal cleats are not allowed under any circumstances. Plastic/rubber cleats are allowed at Monarch Park Stadium, Lamport Stadium, UCC, and Lakeshore Collegiate Dome, but NOT at the Downsview Hangar. Running shoes or turf shoes at the Hangar only, absolutely no cleats there! Foot blocks are not allowed except with the explicit prior agreement of both team captains. Any foot block, attempted or successful, should be treated as a foul.

Since field space is difficult to find, the TUC is always concerned about the possibility of losing currently permitted fields. Permits can be revoked if teams engage in prohibited activities or as the result of complaints from neighbourhood groups. Therefore, we remind everyone of the following policies:

  • The consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs is NOT allowed at the fields, whether before, during or after a game. If you wish to engage in such activities, please do so in the privacy of your own home.
  • Smoking Ban Bylaw: It is illegal to smoke tobacco within 9 meters of sports fields. 
  • Use Spirit when dealing with other users of the parks. This means being polite to the people who inadvertently stray onto the field during your game. Also, bring the permit with you to your game to head off conflict with other users of the field.
  • Use common sense and be considerate of the neighbours. This means that you do not pee in the bushes, against the side of a house or in the middle of the field. Also, do not block driveways with your car.
  • If problems arise with fields, such as poor condition or conflict with other groups (e.g. soccer), please bring them to the attention of the league convenor and the fields coordinator. Do not take it upon yourself to solve the problem.