Welcome New Players!

Welcome to the Toronto Ultimate Club, home of Ultimate in Toronto since 1980! This page is here to help you decide if TUC is right for you, and if so, how to go about getting on the field.

Let's start with our mission statement, which will tell you a bit about our core values and goals:

To continue growing our community and sport by providing a safe, fun, respectful and inclusive environment for all participants to learn and develop while playing ultimate. We are centered around Spirit of the Game, making us an example to other sport organizations.

Next, people often want to know where they could be playing. This can be a bit of a tricky question to answer, because TUC has a wide variety of options for play. We have a field list that shows all of the fields that we use over the year, but many of those are only used in the summer. We're looking at a better way to present this information, but in the meantime here are some guidelines:

  • In the summer, we have East and West divisions on each of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We also have Competitive divisions which might play on any of our listed fields, while East and West teams will usually only play on their respective sides of Yonge Street.
  • In the fall and winter, we have indoor facilities available at Monarch Park, Lamport Stadium, Downsview Park, North Beach, and Upper Canada College. Most of our indoor leagues happen at a single facility, e.g. a Monday league at Lamport, Wednesday at Monarch, etc. However, in recent efforts to expand some leagues play out of multiple locations. Options vary from year to year, so check the fall indoor and winter pages for specifics.
  • To fill the gap when neither summer fields nor indoor options are available, we offer a short fall outdoor season. Like our indoor leagues, these usually happen at a single facility, though there are exceptions. Again, check the fall outdoor page for current offerings.
  • We also regularly offer junior leagues, programs, clinic series, etc., which are always at a single facility as close as possible to public transit as we can manage. Check out our Junior Program Summary page for the latest details.
  • TUC's Inclusivity Committee undertakes various projects to ensure the inclusivity and development of female-identifying players - with benefits for players of all genders! One example of this is the Pick It Up! initiative. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email inclusivity@tuc.org.

If you see something here that's appealing, we have pages to help you create a profile on this site, become a member, and get registered for your league of choice. If you have questions these pages don't answer, we have staff available to help!