Finding a Team

Before getting into this page, we expect that you've read the New Players Welcome page and created a profile on the site as per the Joining the Club page. If you're planning to participate in TUC leagues or other offerings restricted to TUC members, you should also have learned how to get your membership on the Becoming a Member page, making you eligible to play in leagues throughout the year!

Even after carefully reading the pages above, maybe you are still unsure how exactly to proceed:

1. How do I actually get on a team and get playing?

Most members generally get playing in two ways:

  • Start a team yourself and recruit your friends
  • Join a team started by a friend

But what if you are new to Toronto or new to TUC, or you are the only Ultimate enthusiast that you know? Don't worry, there are a few other ways to get playing:

  • Sign up as an individual player and play on a team consisting of individual players (HAT team)
  • Post in the TUC Matchmaker-Players List that you are looking to join a team 
  • Post in the TUC Matchmaker-Players List that you are looking to play as a sub when a team is in need
  • Request to join any Toronto Ultimate related Facebook Group you can find and then create posts saying that you are looking to join a team
  • Participate in clinics and or tournaments

Starting your own team

Visit the links under the "MEMBERS" heading on the Home Page to view information regarding the upcoming leagues. Please pay close attention to the dates where registration opens as it can be very competitive to get into certain leagues. Once you have an idea of the league you want to join, you will need to create an account, and register for a full membership. Be ready on registration day and register as early as possible. 

Join a team started by a friend

You will need to create an account and sign up for a membership. Once you have completed these two steps, you will be able to accept an invite sent out by the team captain.

Signing up as an Individual Player

First, create an account. This will allow you to view the different leagues that still have space for individual players. When you click on a particular registration, we update the description as often as possible to indicate how many spots remain available. Check the information relating to the league to ensure that the dates, times, and location works for you. Visit the Becoming a Member page to ensure that you sign-up for the correct membership that will allow you to play in the league. Once you have signed up for the membership, you can then go back to the individual player registration link and sign-up. You are confirmed once you complete the registration and the payment. More info will be provided to you ahead of your first game. There is a possibility that a HAT team doesn't come together for your particular league due to not enough participants or not enough participants of 1 particular gender. If this is the case, you will be contacted ahead of time and offered different available options. If an appropriate option is not available, a full refund will be provided. You can sign up for multiple leagues to improve your playing chances and you can request reimbursement for any league you decide not to participate in. Please ensure that you review our refund policy ahead of time.

Facebook Groups

There a numerous Ultimate Facebook Groups for the City of Toronto; the general focus of these groups is to create opportunities for pick-up ultimate in different communities across Toronto. There are hundreds of people in these groups, and you will find requests for players or posts requesting to play. If you do make a connection with a team that plays in a Toronto Ultimate Club league, you will have to purchase a membership and get the captain to invite you to their particular team. Even if you do sign up as an individual player, you can increase your playing chances by making a post in the Facebook Groups.

Participate in Clinics and or Tournaments

If you feel you aren't quite ready to play in a league or you have been away from the game for a while, your best bet may be to improve your skills through our clinics. Our coaches will help develop your skills and facilitate a light scrimmage to help you gain confidence or get back into the game. For those looking for 1-off opportunities to play, we run tournaments throughout the year that generally all have the option to participate as an individual. You can find clinic registrations on the individual registration page and all the tournament offerings can be found on the events page.

2. What if I don't want to get a membership just yet until I figure out #1?

There is no guarantee that you will find a team and get playing right away. There is also the possibility that we have space available in our leagues but that the dates and times don't work with your schedule. It's ok not to sign up for a membership right away until you can identify a playing opportunity that will work for you. You should still create an account with us to be able to look around at the options available on the website. Use the tools above to get your name out there. 

3. What if I am only here for a limited period of time or my schedule doesn't allow me to play regularly?

Be sure to understand that our insurance is connected to our membership and therefore all participants must be members. Any participating non-member is jeopardizing the opportunity for all our members to play Ultimate. 

Make sure to visit the individual registrations and events pages for clinics or tournaments. The fees for these events include a one-time membership which will allow you to participate. We would also recommend checking into the Facebook Groups as mentioned above, as their general focus is to create opportunities to play pick-up.