Other Volunteer Positions

Touring Committee

  • Touring Chair: vacant
  • Touring Committee Sub-volunteers: up to 3 - vacant

The Touring Chair acts as the liaison between the TUC office and the touring community. He/she is someone who is active in the touring circles and therefore can effectively communicate between the two parties. The Touring Chair seeks to promote and support Toronto touring through TUC resources as well as utilize touring expertise to improve the quality of play in TUC leagues. Touring Chair reports to the PEM and ED.

  • Set yearly event goals with ED – how will TUC support touring?
  • Work with ED/PEMto establish a budget for touring support
  • Work with ED/PEM to identify practice fields requirements for touring teams
  • Promote and communicate the TUC touring policy to teams, highlighting the benefits of TUC support
  • Create a touring community database
  • Request submissions from teams who are seeking TUC support
  • Contact touring community to fulfill volunteer roles for TUC events
  • Track volunteer hours for touring teams, and communicate deadlines for volunteer point submissions
  • Enforce policies and sanction teams who do not fulfill volunteer hours
  • Review the touring policy on an annual basis
  • Facilitate communication amongst touring teams and with TUC partners
  • Plan touring related events that promote and enhance the touring community
  • Establish relationships with touring communities from other cities, provinces, and countries
  • Post touring results, news, and updates on the TUC website
  • Host a touring information session
  • Work with ED/PEM to identify expendable resources that can assist Toronto touring teams
  • Provide a year-end report outlining team commitments and allocations, results, and overall summary of the touring season

# of events required: 3-4

Meeting requirements: informal meetings with PEM and ED, touring information session, AGM attendance

Average time commitment: 1-2 hrs per week during peak season (April-October)

If you are interested please email Micheal Kukucska - programs@tuc.org

Social Events Committee

  • Social Events Chair: Vacant
  • Social Events Committee Sub-volunteers: up to 5 vacant

The Social Events Chair is responsible for planning and organizing TUC parties/social events. The TUC will typically host 1-2 social events per year as TUC league teams tend to organize their own post-league and tournament socials. Social Events Chair reports to the ED/AEC.

  • Set yearly event goals with ED/PEM– establish social events for the year
  • Work with ED/PEMto establish a budget (total and per event). Expenses over $100 to be approved by the ED.
  • Work with PEMto promote events
  • Scout for committee members/volunteers for events
  • Provide write-ups and promotional ideas for events
  • Work with PEM for online event registration (if necessary)
  • Coordinate logistics for social events (signup, venue, food/beverage, entertainment, setup/takedown, finances)
  • Sponsorship hunting and working with vendors if applicable
  • Create new events that will attract large membership participation
  • Create events that cater to different demographics of TUC membership
  • Create events that tie-in to TUC tournaments and work with PEMto coordinate logistics and promotion at tournaments
  • Improve community feel of TUC socials and introduce new charitable events
  • Outreach into TUC community, physical/verbal contact with members to promote events

# of events required: 1-2

Meeting requirements: informal meetings with ED/PEM attendance

Average time commitment: 1-2 hrs per week

If you are interested please email Micheal Kukucska - programs@tuc.org