Joining the Club

The first step in participating in any TUC offering, whether a league, clinic, tournament or anything else, is creating a profile on this site.  If you were a member in previous years, you can just log on to your profile (you might need to reset your password if you've forgotten it); otherwise, create a new profile to get started.

Most websites ask you for your user name, email address and password.  We need a little bit more information, but it's a one-time process.  We'll ask for your real name, as this is what your fellow players probably know you by and will be how they find you when setting up teams.  We need your address so that we can accurately compile demographic statistics, as this is required by the city and school boards when we apply for field permits.  Our insurance provider requires that we have age information on our members, so your birth date is required.  If you have any concerns about how we use this information, please check our Privacy Policy.

Once you have created your profile, your next step depends on what your plans are:

  • If you will be playing in any TUC league, you will need to get a membership. TUC Adult memberships start April 1st (though you can buy one any time) and are valid for one year.  Our Junior memberships are also available any time, and are valid for one year commencing April 1st.  The "Becoming a Member" page has more details about membership options, the benefits of membership, and why TUC has annual memberships instead of the "pay and play" model of other organizations.
  • There are also occasional non-league offerings that may only be open to members, or which may have reduced fees for members.
  • If you are only here for offerings that don't require membership (such as clinics, social events, certain tournaments, etc.), you can skip the membership step and proceed directly to registration; the "How to Register" page has more details about this.
  • If you just want to participate in BBS Forum discussions, or if you are a parent or guardian creating an account to manage/monitor your child's/children's activities, you don't need a membership OR to register for anything.  Once you have created your profile, you can start exploring the site!