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The Toronto Ultimate Club depends on volunteers for smooth operation of the many leagues, tournaments, clinics and social events offered every year. Here, we highlight those whose contributions really stand out.

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Our first Volunteer of the Month for 2018 is Celine Nguyen! Celine has been a massive help over the month of January, taking on multiple volunteer opportunities. Celine was one of a few dedicated volunteers for From Disc Till Dawn, sticking it out all night helping to ensure the event went smoothly. When everybody went home at 6:30am, Celine's night was far from over as she helped with the post event clean up well into the morning. That same afternoon, she was at Monarch Park Stadium helping out with our u10 and u14 juniors programs. Celine is a great example of one of our youth members taking charge and helping to shape our organization. Thank you Celine for all of your hard work!

Want to be like Celine? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org!


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Our Volunteer of the Month for February is Eli Park. Eli has been a huge help during our Winter Teen 4x4 hat league, helping direct traffic and facilitate the start of games for the younger group. Eli has also been an assistant coach with our u10 program, giving back to the next generation of ultimate stars. Eli is a great example of a young player who is already contributing to our growing juniors scene. If you see Eli on the fields (or sand), be sure to give him a big high five and thank him for all of his hard work this winter.

Want to coach juniors like Eli? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org!

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Our Volunteer of the Month for February is Colin ThompsonColin, known better as YCT has been a huge help during our Winter Women's Instructional Program, our u14 Winter Instructional program, as well as with TPL where he served as a statkeeper and assisted with the TPL app. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and members such as YCT who contribute in a variety of ways are instrumental in our success. Colin spent the winter season playing with MMV, WIP, and New Gregland Slatriots and can be found subbing nearly every night of the week. If you see him on the fields make sure to say thanks and give him a high five for all his hard work.

Want to volunteer with the club? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org!

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Lindsay Earle is our Volunteer of the Month for April! Lindsay, a member of TUC's Board of Directors has taken on a ton of additional responsibilities this winter. Lindsay was a key volunteer for our Winter Women's Instructional program that saw 22 women develop their skills over an 11 week period. Lindsay's efforts in the TUC community don't stop there as she's also a member of our Women's Committee as well as the TPL leadership award winner. Keep an eye out for Lindsay during the summer season competing with Union, Toronto's elite mixed touring team. Good luck this season, Lindsay and thank you for all your hard work.

Want to become a part of one of TUC's volunteer committtees? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org!


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Our May 2018 Volunteer of the Month is Chelsea Jackson! Chelsea has been a massive help with TUC's juniors programming over the past several seasons, volunteering year round to lead the next generation of TUC stars. This summer, she has continued that trend by volunteering her time to coach the Wednesday TEEN Hat League at Monarch Park Stadium. In addition, Chelsea served as a Spirit Mentor at our annual Spirit Hat Tournament in Mid-May. Currently Chelsea is playing on Slam Dunks in our Monday East league as well as captaining Nox, a Toronto women's touring team. This is Chelsea's second VotM honour, as she also received the award in June of 2012. If you see Chelsea on the fields be sure to give her a big high five and thank her for all of her hard work. 

Want to be like Chelsea? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org!


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Our June 2018 Volunteer of the Month is Natalie Wong! Nat is a long time TUC member starting with the club in 2005, and has been an active volunteer for many years. This is Natalie's 2nd VotM honour, she previously received the award in January of 2009. This summer, she has taken on the task of convening our Wednesday East League. In addition to her responsibilities as a convenor, Natalie is as involved as ever as a player and can be found playing regularly in TUC leagues on three nights of the week. As a player on Krash Kart, Goin Down the Road, and Max Power, it's safe to say that you'll be seeing Natalie on the fields quite often so make sure to give her a high five and say thank you for all of her hard work when you do. 

Want to be like Natalie? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org!

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