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Please respect the following rules for all fields. Note that some sites also have additional restrictions listed on that field's page that must also be followed.

  • Do not leave any garbage behind when you leave -- even if it isn't yours. Take extra care to remove any hazardous items (i.e. bottlecaps, glass) to avoid injury to others.
  • By law, alcohol is not permitted at any league field.

Due to some individuals and teams ignoring the rules, we are close to losing several of our fields. If fields are lost due to the actions of a particular player or team, they will be removed from the league.

Please note that we update this list as permits arrive in the TUC office. Most fields are only available on specific nights so they are not used by TUC every day of the week. The list is a general guideline as to where your games may be played.

If you are familiar with a particular field and have recommendations for improvements to the suggested routes, parking areas or field layouts, please send them to webmaster@tuc.org. More accurate information here will translate into your teammates and opponents being more likely to be on time for your games.

If you are interested in writing bicycle directions for any fields, please contact webmaster@tuc.org.

TUC has a growing list of Partner Pubs near fields across the city. Familiarize yourself with the list and take advantage of the savings!

There is also a map of all fields available.

Facility Actions


Brebeuf HS [grass] Layout
David A. Balfour (Rosehill Reservoir) [grass] Layout
Earl Haig SS [grass] Layout
Esther Shiner Stadium [turf] Layout
Marshall McLuhan CS [grass] Layout
Newtonbrook SS [grass] Layout
North Toronto CI [turf] Layout
St. Andrew's JHS [grass] Layout
Upper Canada College [turf] Layout


Beach Blast [sand] Layout
Bishop Allen Academy [grass] Layout
Bloor CI [grass] Layout
Buttonwood Park [grass] Layout
Caledonia Park (reservoir) [grass] Layout
Cedarvale Park [grass] Layout
Chaminade College School [grass] Layout
Dante Aligheri SS [grass] Layout
Don Bosco CS [grass] Layout
Downsview Park [turf] Layout
Eglinton Flats Park [grass] Layout
Fergie Brown Park [grass] Layout
Humberside CI [grass] Layout
Lamport Stadium - Indoor [turf] Layout
Lamport Stadium - Outdoor [turf] Layout
Trinity College (UofT) [grass] Layout
Vaughan Road Academy [grass] Layout
Weston Lions Park [turf] Layout
Westview Centennial [grass] Layout


Agincourt Collegiate [grass] Layout
Ames Park [grass] Layout
Birchmount Stadium [turf] Layout
Cherry Beach [turf] Layout
Crestwood College [grass] Layout
Don Valley JHS [grass] Layout
Felstead Park [grass] Layout
Flemingdon Park [grass] Layout
Georges Vanier SS [grass] Layout
Greenwood Park [grass] Layout
Major League Sportsplex [turf] Layout
Monarch Park CI [turf] Layout
Monarch Park Stadium Indoor [turf] Layout
Monarch Park Stadium Indoor (4's) [turf] Layout
Parkway Forest Park [grass] Layout
Riverdale Park East [grass] Layout
Seneca - Newnham [turf] Layout
Sir John A MacDonald CI [grass] Layout
Sir William Osler HS [grass] Layout
St. Catherine CS [grass] Layout
Sunnybrook [grass] Layout
Withrow Park [grass] Layout
York Mills CI [grass] Layout

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