For the uninitiated, 'Touring' is the part of Ultimate where your play moves from regular league play to regional and/or North American, weekend tournament play. Many players find that touring exposes them to a more competitive game, more advanced field strategies, and a higher level of fitness - not to mention seeing new places, having great times (read parties!), and forming new friendships. Questions from players of all ages and abilities are welcome. For more basic questions about Touring please visit our What is Touring page.

If you are a Junior-aged player looking for Juniors Touring information, please visit our Juniors Touring page.

For Touring Teams

TUC's Calendar of Events will be updated with popular touring tournaments. Also, we encourage you to visit the Ultimate Canada website for more information on Nationals, Regionals, etc.

Here is the TUC Touring Policy for 2019. Here is the Touring Submission Form for Toronto touring teams seeking summer training field support. Generally forms are due in early May, as specified in the Touring Policy.


Tryouts typically take place in April and May. We will do our best to post tryout information here and links to the corresponding teams as it becomes available