This page includes selected news articles and links of particular interest to our adult members, specifically current league offerings for adults and events that are soon to take place. The TUC runs adult leagues throughout the year and generally in four different seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The Spring season is a short one, typically running for 1 to 2 week on turf fields in early May. The summer season is a 16-week season that begins in mid May and runs until the beginning of September. Fall is split into two options: the outdoor season which runs from early September to mid- to late October and the indoor season which begins in either late October or November (depending on venue) and goes until December-January. The winter season is an ALL indoor offerings and typically runs from January-February to April-May, depending on the venue. For information on each of our seasons you can visit the following pages:

Spring League | Summer League | Fall League | Winter League


Registration is now open for our 2023 Summer Season!

The league offerings listed below are ADULT Summer Leagues and are intended for Adult (18+) participants only.

Day Dates Game Times Divisions Ratio Team Cost Individual Cost
Monday May 15 - Aug 28 6:45pm* East / West  4:3 or 3:4 (endzone rule in effect) $2000 $165
Tuesday May 16 - Aug 29 6:45pm* East / West 4:3 or 3:4 (endzone rule in effect) $2000 $165
Wednesday May 17 - Aug 30 6:45pm* Comp / East / West 4:3 or 3:4 (endzone rule in effect) $2000 $165
Thursday May 18 - Aug 31 6:45pm* East / West 4:3 or 3:4 (endzone rule in effect) $2000 $165
Sunday May 14 - Aug 27 5:00 - 7:00pm Masters / Grand Masters 4:3 or 3:4 (endzone rule in effect) n/a $140

* Teams may have games scheduled to start later than 6:45 pm. Games will be scheduled to evenly share time slots / fields amongst teams as best as possible.

General League Info

The TUC Summer Leagues will start the week of May 14th and will run through to Sep 1st.  

Every day of the week is treated as a separate league and on each weeknight ther are seperate divisions.  We will do our best to locate games in the areas described, with Yonge Street acting as the general dividing line between East and West. All Competitive Division games will be played in a set location(s) throughout the City.

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