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School Programs for Students and Teachers

Want to bring Ultimate Frisbee to your school? Here’s how Toronto Ultimate Club can help!


We are offering three packages for schools in Toronto and the GTA. Our Lead Coach is our Manager of Athlete Development and Coaching, Jamie Millage, who has coached and played on Team Canada and the Toronto Rush, and is an NCCP Learning Facilitator. Coaches for the above events may include Jamie,  as well numerous community coaches, including many with international and national championship experience, and expertise working with young athletes. See our options below!

  1. 2-Hour Coaching Clinics for School Coaches (ideally set for a group of schools - can include up to 20 coaches)
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Target Audience: School coaches
    • Description: Engaging coaching clinics tailored to enhance the skills and knowledge of school coaches. Content can be customized to the group, but focuses on the best way to introduce early skills, and how to maximize enjoyment and retention. 
    • Cost: $200 per clinic (total)
  2. School Team Practices Led by Certified Instructors
  • Duration: 90 minutes, customizable based on school's needs
  • Target Audience: School team & Athletes 
  • Description: TUC instructors will lead ultimate frisbee practices, focusing on skill development, techniques, and team strategy. 
  • Cost: $100 per session

    3. Phys-Ed Classes - Introduction to Ultimate Frisbee
  • Duration: Morning, afternoon, or full day sessions (customizable)
  • Target Audience: Phys-ed classes (students)
  • Description: Experienced instructors will lead classroom ultimate sessions, introducing the sport, rules, and basic skills to students during 30-60 minute sessions over a week (ideally with 2-3 sessions per week).
  • Cost: Morning - $300, Afternoon - $300, Full Day - $500 (pricing per session)

All prices are variable depending on the number of participants, location, & duration.

Publicizing these prices for convenience is a new step for us - please feel free to reach out to to discuss any plans or affordability, as well as customized options that meet your school’s needs. 



Purchase Discs
If booking any of the above session, we’ll be happy to also sell extra discs to schools or teachers at $10/disc (below our cost).

School Tournaments

For a long time, we have run the Catch the Spirit High School tournament in February/March.

With Indoor tournaments, finding venues is often the biggest challenge, and schools with access to turf fields, or with large gymnasiums, can help make more tournaments happen.

We’re open to helping run more high school tournaments - that can involve us leading the way with marketing, registrations, scheduling, and managing the event, or we’re happy to just step in where needed, whether with registrations, or simply day-of managing If we can help - let us know. As a non-profit, we’re looking to just cover our costs, and we can often help with some prizing as well.

See these options as a pdf.

Ultimate is a great sport for schools, emphasizing teamwork, communication, mutual respect, and fair play. It's an effective teaching tool for sport conduct, and social-emotional learning.


Toronto Juniors Ultimate Facebook Group

We have a Facebook Group page specifically for Juniors playing Ultimate in the GTA: If it doesn't work search for 'Toronto Juniors Ultimate'.