Dear Fellow TUC Members

The TUC AGM has been postponed.

The annual financial audit has been and continues to be delayed by technical issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, TUC Leadership continues to review the registrations for our AGM, and according to TUC Bylaw 13.1, "A quorum for a general meeting and for transaction of any business at such meetings shall be at least 0.5% of paid up Members."  Currently, with only six (6) members registered for the AGM, we do not meet the standard for a quorum.

Therefore, due to the lack of quorum and the additional delays in the audit, we are forced to postpone and reschedule to a later date.

We strongly encourage the community to register so that we have a quorum to host our 2021 AGM.  You can register here to attend the virtual AGM.

TUC leadership will announce and provide the membership with a notice of 21 days ahead of the new date.

Kind Regards,

Jo Malisani
Executive Director