COVID-19 UPDATE: Return to Play Framework and Vaccination Policy

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Return to Play Framework and Vaccination Policy

Hello Fellow TUC Members!

On 1 September 2021, the Ontario Government announced that there would be proof of Vaccination to access specific settings and facilities.  TUC leadership has reviewed the provincial requirement and liaised with our venue and service providers about the impact of Ontario's proof of vaccination regulation on TUC.  After much discussion and review, we will be instituting a Vaccination Policy for the Fall and Winter Indoor season to be compliant with Provincial and local regulations.  The Policy will be a part of our COVID-19 Safe Return to Play document.

The Policy will require all TUC participants (players, coaches, staff, volunteers, etc.) who are born in, or before 2009 to be fully vaccinated with an approved Health Canada two-dose or one-dose vaccine series, unless the individual has a valid medical reason or has an approved exemption under the Ontario Human Rights Code. At present, participants who are born in or after 2010 are not eligible to be vaccinated and will not be required to be vaccinated to participate.

To further support the safety of our membership, our junior programming for age categorizations of U13, U12, U10 will be required to wear a mask during all FALL OUTDOOR and FALL/WINTER INDOOR programming.

The Vaccine Policy and Mask Mandate for our junior Learn to Play (U13/U12 and U10) programs puts our members' safety and well-being as the top priority as we create the safest environment possible to begin our much-anticipated return to indoor Ultimate programming.

TUC Leadership



For additional clarity to the above, the mask mandate will start for Junior Learn to Play Programming for the FALL OUTDOOR SEASON (September 12th), and the Vaccination Policy will come into effect when we head INDOORS in mid- to late-October to comply with Government Non-Essential Business Regulations.  We will release additional details on the Vaccination Policy in the next few weeks.