Dangerous Play Rule Change - Further Statement

TUC Statement
Re: Dangerous Play Rule Change Pilot Project
January 31st, 2019

It is great to see the community engaging in an active and spirited discussion around the game they are passionate about. This pilot project was introduced as a result of a few factors. Two factors that stand out are safe play and the evolution of the game.

The first factor, safe play, is the recognition that TUC saw a spike in on field injuries with the common element being players colliding and some of these instances being a direct result of a dangerous play as reported by the players.

The second factor, evolution of the game, addresses the fact that the game of ultimate is changing as the sport becomes more popular with the introduction of semi-professional leagues. As new players with different sport backgrounds join the game, the strategies and plays evolve. This pilot project address these factors with the introduction of a proven rule used at the world’s level.

We are excited for our two selected leagues participating in the pilot project to begin play under the new rule today and look forward to understanding how our community implements the change and understands the rule.

We have prepared to record feedback multiple times throughout this project to document the change and decide what is best for the community as a whole. This process will help prepare the organization for the possibility of rolling out a rule change league wide that best suits our community.

We would like to highlight that the rule book is in place to help guide play and it is not a tool to gain an advantage as this would be an abuse of the rules and contravene spirit.

We thank everyone for their active feedback, both positive and constructive, that has already been received as this is an important element in the pilot project.

TUC is happy to answer all questions and field all feedback related to this project by emailing adults@tuc.org.

Jon Brandt
Executive Director (Interim)