2007 Canadian Ultimate Championships Results

Toronto's teams gave us something to cheer for and we're very proud of the effort that everyone put in to the National Championships in Toronto. Congrats to GOAT, Capitals, Dirt and Tombstone for representing Toronto very well at the tournament.

Here are the final placements of all of Toronto's teams.

Tombstone - 1st
Fossil - 5th
MAO - 11th
XY - 12th

Snipe - 5th
Monster - 6th
Big Hammers - 7th (beating their seed by 10 spots!)

Dirt - 2nd
T3 - 6th
Flick Off - 13th

Goat - 2nd
GT - 10th
Too Bad - 16th
Roy - 17th

Capitals - 2nd
Diggers - 5th
Feisty - 10th (Spirit winners!!)
XX - 15th