2005 Juniors Ultimate Spring Tournament

JUST play ultimate!

Thank you for a wonderful day, the weather was excellent, the air was energized with spirit and I believe we all had a great time.

I would like to thank our sponsor Adriana from VC Ultimate. VC Ultimate supplied the awards for Top Spirited Female, Top Spirited Male, Top Spirited Team and Tournament Champions.

I would also like to thank Ted Rouse from takedanger.design for the Tournament Logo.

A big thank you goes out to our volunteers; Lari Langley, Leslie Jill Shai and Gary Wong, these people are an important part of making the tournament a success.


The final game was a great match-up between Denison A (Markham) and Dirt (Toronto Touring). Both teams played an excellent game with brilliant handling and exceptional catching.

Tournament Champions: Denison A
2nd Place: DIRT
3rd Place: TIMCHUGS
4th Place: Birchmount Park Collegiate
5th Place: Jarvis Collegiate
6th Place Huskies, Denison B

Team Spirit Champions: HUSKIES, for the creative spirited cheering and gracious play!

Most Spirited Male; Sean Sommerville from the Huskies

Most Spirited Female; ??? from DIRT

Oh the Joy! The Tournament Champions Denison A and Spirit Champions Dension B!!!