Dear Fellow Members,

TUC Leadership continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally, and most recently, the OMICRON variant of concern.

Wednesday and today, Premier Doug Ford announced restrictions due to the surge in daily COVID-19 cases. TUC has been working with venue providers to understand what, if any, impacts there may be to our capacity limits. With today's announcement of additional restrictions, TUC leadership will continue to liaise with our venue providers. When these measures become available, TUC will review them and advise how (and if) they affect TUC leagues and programs.

Lastly, TUC will continue with Winter Indoor registrations; however, there will be a pause on payments (i.e., upon registration, payment will not be required but will be collected on a later date).

TUC will continue to provide updates as appropriate.

Kind Regards,

Jo Malisani
Executive Director