Juniors' Film Review/Watch Party with the Toronto 6ixers - Friday May 15, 7:00pm

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2019 CUC Spoiler Alert: We're very excited to have Christine Jurychuk, Jeannette Quach, Jordan Meron and Nico Bertsch go live on Friday, May 22nd to walk us through their 2019 Canadian Ultimate Championship, Gold Medal Winning Game. 

While the event will be geared towards junior female-identyfing players, anyone interested in learning and seeing some unique insights into the elite-side of the game is welcome to register and attend. 

We will send out a viewing link on the day of the event to everyone who has registered. Contact jamie@tuc.org if you have any questions.

To Register, please visit: https://www.tuc.org/zuluru/events/view?event=1707