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We’ve got more Ultimate offerings this fall then you can shake a disc at! Our new BMO Co-Ed League is almost full and the Men’s and Women’s Leagues aren’t far behind. Our staple Thursday night offering is also filling up quickly and Tuesday MSC League is growing. We have lots of outdoor spaces still available too so sign up now! Spaces are limited and we fill up spots on a first-come, first serve basis.

Here are our updated offerings and prices. Be sure to visit our Fall League pages for more info:

Outdoor Leagues

Co-ed Sundays (7 vs 7, Recreational and competitive divisions)

    Start Date: Sunday September 23
    End Date: Sunday November 25
    Game Times: from 12pm - 4:20pm (80 min. games)
    Cost: $150 per team or $15 per individual
    Locations: Bloor CI, York Mills CI, West Toronto CI, Parkway Forest, Downsview Park
Men's and Women's Wednesday Single Genders (7 vs 7 Competitve)
    Start Date: Wednesday September 26
    End Date: Wednesday October 31
    Game Times: from 6:30pm - 7:40pm (70 min. games)
    Cost: $200 per team or $20 per individual
    Locations: Greenwood Park, Trinity Bellwoods, Stanley Park, Downsview Park

Indoor Leagues

*NEW* Co-Ed Monday (6-vs-6 Recreational/Competitive)

    Start Date: Monday November 12, 2007
    End Date: Monday January 28, 2008
    Game Times: 9pm – 12am (1 hr games)
    Cost: $1350 per team
    Locations: *NEW* BMO Field

*NEW* Single Gender Tuesdays (Men and Women Leagues)

    Start Date: Tuesday November 13, 2007
    End Date: Tuesday January 29, 2008
    Game Times: 9pm – 12am (1 hr games)
    Cost: $1350 per team, or $145 per individual
    Locations: *NEW* BMO Field

*NEW* Co-ed Indoor 5-on-5 Mississauga League (Recreational)

    Start Date: Sunday October 7, 2007
    End Date: Sunday January 20, 2008
    Game Times: Afternoon Time slots TBA soon (1 hr games)
    Cost: $1350 per team (+ $10 per pleyer admin fee), or $150 per individual
    Locations: *NEW* Hershey Sports Complex

Co-ed Tuesdays - TEAMS (6 vs 6, Competitve)
    Start Date: Tuesday October 2
    End Date: Tuesday December 18
    Game Times: from 8pm - 11pm (60 min. games)
    Cost: $1500 per team
    Locations: Metro Sports Centre

Co-ed Thursdays - Individuals Only (6 vs 6, Recreation and Competitve Divisions)
    Start Date: Thursday October 4
    End Date: Tuesday December 20
    Game Times: from 7pm - 12am (60 min. games)
    Cost: $175 per individual
    Locations: Downsview Hangar

*All prices include GST/PST.

You must be a TUC member in order to play in TUC leagues and this year we offer a new Pro-rated Fall Membership for only $35, valid through to March 31, 2008.

Here is a flyer that we ask you to send all of your friends who may be interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee this fall! Please email it along or post on your work bulletin board, etc.

Register Your Team for Playoffs!

Playoff registration is now open to all TUC Summer League teams. If your team wants to participate then please make sure your captain register the team online by the deadlines listed below. The playoffs for Monday and Tuesday Leagues will take place on September 8-9 (all day both days) and the playoffs for Wednesday and Thursday Leagues will take place on September 15-16 (all day both days). Registration for Monday/Tuesday teams ends September 3 and registration for Wednesday/Thursday teams closes September 10. A reminder to teams that if you wish to participate in the playoffs, have a full roster (minimum 6 games on the weekend)! If you cannot field a proper team or do not wish to participate, then simply do not register your team.

Schedules for playoff weekends will be posted on the TUC home page each Friday before the playoffs. Your game times on Sunday will be determined by your results on Saturday and we will do our best to post Saturday results and Sunday schedules as soon as possible after the games on Saturday.

All playoff games will take place at beautiful Sunnybrook Park. Our partners GAIA, Daredevil, Amcare, Xilarate, and Motrin will be on site to share their product with you. We will have physio available all weekend and water on the sidelines to refill your water bottles. There will be LIMITED supplies of fruit and bagels made available so be sure to bring lots of snacks!



The TUC Team


For August is Alison Fletcher!


August's volunteer of the month is Alison Fletcher. Alison has spent the past year as Co-Chair of the Canadian Ultimate Championships, and in crunch time her poise and leadership were on full display at the Nationals. Alison also serves on the TUC Board of Directors and is an active member in discussing the Club’s future and mapping its success. Perhaps her greatest feat has been mastering the art of motherhood and sleepless nights while still finding time for Ultimate.

Thanks Alison (go get some rest)!

The 2007 Volunteer of the Month awards are brought to you by Scallywags Bar & Restaurant. Each Volunteer of the Month receives $50 Scally's Dollars that can be used towards any purchase at Scallywags!

Congratulations to the 17 Toronto teams who participated in the Canadian Ultimate Championships from August 9th – 12th. Toronto had 3 teams finish in 2nd place (outstanding!) and 1 team (Tombstone - Masters) capture a National Championship. Below is a list of the Toronto teams and how they did in their respective divisions. For complete results visit

An even greater congrats go to the CUC Organizing Committee and many volunteers who sacrificed countless hours and gave it their all in hosting a sensational event. The tournament ran smoothly at Sunnybrook and the finals on August 12 at Varsity Centre were spectacular. We are very proud of the world-class event that the committee hosted!


Dirt 2nd
T3 (?)
Flick Off (?)
Fossil 5th
Mature Audiences Only 11th
Snipe 5th
Monster 6th
Big Hammers 7th
Goat 2nd
Grand Trunk 10th
Too Bad 16th
Roy 17th
Capitals 2nd
Diggers 5th
Feisty 9th
XX 15th
Saturday, September 22

Whatever you do, book off this day now…. Saturday, September 22. Here’s what’s happening:

Scally's Cup: TUC and Scallywag's will host the Scally's Cup, from 3pm-6pm at Sunnybrook Park. Starting at 3pm, the champion Tuesday League Team will battle the Thursday League Champs. The winner hoists the Scally's Cup. Then at 4:30pm, the TUC Championship match between the Monday League Champs and the Wednesday League Champs. The winner hoists the TUC Summer Championship Trophy. Plus, the participants and winners are gonna get some great prizes!!! Everyone come on out and see it live!

TUC Annual General Meeting: Starting at 7pm at Scallywag's (2nd Floor meeting room). All TUC members are encouraged to participate and are also able to vote. Finances reviewed, major league and Club matters discussed, and nominations and voting for Board of Directors.

TUC Summer End Party: Starting at 9pm at Scallywag's. Time to let your hair down and party like it's 2007... prizing, contests, and trophy presentations from the Scally's Cup. More details to come soon!

Every Friday and Sunday

Every Sunday from 2:30 – 5:30pm all TUC members are welcome to come on out and play pickup. We will play at Riverdale Park East (or move to Riverdale West if there is too much traffic). Pickup is completely informal and voluntary, but lots of fun.
Raining Outside? Not Sure if you are Playing Your Games?

To check your game status on game days call our TUC Weather Hotline – 416.426.7432 – any time after 3:30pm each day. If games are canceled we will indicate it on the hotline, as well as post a warning on the home page by 3:30pm. If games are not canceled, play on! If you experience inclement weather during your games it is at the discretion of the captains to make the call – view our Bad Weather Policy and our Game Cancelation Policy for more details.

Motrin IB
Win the Ultimate Prize Pack


This summer Motrin IB is supporting TUC and offering your team the opportunity to win a full team kit valued at $2,000. All you have to do is watch their videos on ‘new’ Ultimate games and place your vote. Which do you think should be the next disc hybrid sport – Frostbee, Tackle Ultimate, or Cage Hammer?

Visit the Motrin IB “My Game/My Pain” web link to participate!