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Hello Members,

Are you creative? Are you ambitious and self-motivated? Are you looking to challenge yourself in new ways? Are you unhappy with some aspect of your TUC experience and have some great ideas to improve TUC? Here's your chance! The TUC Executive Committee is being restructured and all positions need to be filled. The time commitment varies so there should be something that fits your schedule. Even if you don't think you have the experience or are not sure you have the time to chair a committee, your help is still needed and appreciated at the sub-committee level.

Below is a brief description of available positions.


Executive positions available:

President: Face of the TUC (communications with other leagues/communities/UPA/Cupa et al); calls and chairs all exec meeting; ensures accounting/books are updated (including audit); final approval over news releases, letters and communications to members: communicates with board from time to time

Treasurer: keeps all accounting and books up to date/done (including audit); updates budget to the exec at end of summer and year

Secretary: records minutes of exec meetings
(Position to be filled by new Member Services Coordinator)

Communications: ensures communications are sent to members (newsletters, Pie Plate et al) and vetted by president; proposes yearly budget for Website Master and Social Events; ensures Club’s communications is uniform to Club’s policies

Social Events: plans all league parties and social events; has a budget but must be vetted by Communication chair; oversees and runs all instructional programs

Website Master: yearly budget vetted by communications; runs/maintains/updates website as directed by the GM

League: sets schedules/fields/divisions; finds/locates/directs league conveners; spirit and league problems/issues/solutions (vetted by exec); league rules; league tournaments; reports to the GM

League Conveners: communicates with team captains; fields complaints; reports spirit problems/issues/ and all other issues to League chair

Volunteer: locates and maintain contacts with potential volunteers; ensures enough volunteers are available for all events; determines ways in which to motivate and reward volunteers; proposes yearly budget for rewarding volunteers and Touring

Touring: develops touring policy; budget to be approved by Volunteer; maintains relationships with touring teams; sets/enforces touring policy

Sports Development: promotes development and fosters growth; Junior/university programs; has budget but must be vetted by President

Juniors: promotes development and fosters growth; has budget but must be vetted by Sports Development

Executive Meetings Click Here

TUC's 1st Annual Ultimate Olympics

On another note - MAYBE THIS MAY BE A FUN WAY OF HELPING a different cause


If you have any interest in any of the positions, drop us a line at In a short paragraph, let us know why you’d be ideal for the position with any pertinent information. We look forward to hearing from and working with you to make this Club and our experiences better!

--The Team at TUC

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