Layout January 2007, Volume 1

Hello TUC Member,


Calling All Volunteers!

As a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization the Toronto Ultimate Club is truly about the people who live and breathe Ultimate. Without the countless contributions of so many past volunteers TUC would not be where it is today, and with the help of our present and future volunteers we can achieve many great new things. The question is, just how far do you think this Club can go? And how can you contribute to that success?


TUC is looking for a few good men and women to help out in 2007. We are striving to make this the best year for TUC members yet, providing increased value in the events, leagues, and communications that we offer. Chances are, you have a skill set or some sort of experience that could benefit your favourite Club. Why not offer to help out?!?!? Here are a few of the rewards you will reap with your volunteerism:

  • Social reward: being part of a GREAT team made up of GREAT people. You get to meet a lot of new friends in the Club as well.
  • Bolster your resume and gain sport management experience
  • FREE STUFF: our Volunteer Incentive Policy rewards volunteers with TUC Shop points that can be used to purchase anything in the TUC Shop (disc, shirts, cleats, dvd’s, etc.)
  • Touring Team Benefits: if you play for a touring team you can use your volunteer hours to help your team receive practice field time or financial support from TUC
  • Gain volunteer credit for work or school
  • Help create awareness of Ultimate which only improves our ability to acquire new fields and resources
  • Be considered for our “Volunteer of the Month” (beginning May 2007) and Volunteer of the Year Awards, including recognition and prizes
  • Help make the experience more enjoyable for all Ultimate players
  • Community contribution: to the overall success of the Club and to the Toronto residents that we influence with the great game of Ultimate!
Contact to discuss how you can be a part of our winning volunteers team. Whether your contribution is big or small, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact to discuss how you can be a part of our winning volunteers team. Whether your contribution is big or small, we’d love to hear from you.


TUC Strategic Guide

The Toronto Ultimate Club is pleased to present its new Strategic Guide to the membership. This guide will serve as the long term vision for the future of Ultimate in the GTA. It is an abbreviated version, or framework, of TUC’s Strategic Plan, with the core messages that we hope will excite our members about the Club’s direction.

We encourage you to read the Strategic Guide and think about how you can contribute (hint-hint, see above) to the attainment of our Goals. 


Pie Plate Coming Very Soon….. We Promise!

We had hoped to reveal Pie Plate 2006 before Christmas, but before you knew it there were a few administrative snags… then a few egg-nogs… and before we knew it we were halfway through January!

Our fearless Pie Plate Editor Sho Shin-Feeney was been a one-woman enterprise, literally picking up the pieces and carrying the whole project on her back… out of the goodness of her own very big heart! Thanks to Sho’s tremendous efforts, you will see our next Pie Plate very soon. This one will be worth the wait!

Keep your eyes open for the next LAYOUT “PIE PLATE” edition. We will not be mailing the Plates to save on mailing costs, but we will provide the souvenir magazine online and we will also have a limited supply of hard-copies available at TUC events over the next few months. If you want to make sure you get a copy of Pie Plate contact us at the TUC office or stop by (after February 5) to get a copy. Again, we apologize for the delay. 


Staff Update

We are pleased to announce that both Jason Robinson, General Manager, and Ian Brooks, Member Services Coordinator, are returning for another season with TUC. Our staff is here to serve you, the TUC member, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything!

TUC Event Calendar

We encourage you to keep checking back to our Event Calendar, but here are a few key dates you need to know for the Toronto Ultimate Club 2007 Season. Please continue to check our web site and read your Layouts throughout the year for more events and updates:

1, 2 – Catch the Spirit
19 – Membership registration begins, Spring League registration begins
26 – Summer League Team Registration begins

3 – Ultimate Long Weekend registration begins
6 – Spring League registration closes
9 – Spring league begins
12 – Winter League ends (Monday League finale to be confirmed)
24 – Summer league registration closes

7-9 – Spring League ends
14-17 - Captain's Meetings
10 – Ultimate Long Weekend registration closes
18- 21 – Ultimate Long Weekend
21 – Summer League begins

4 – Mid-Season registration begins

16 – Mid-Season Tournament registration closes
21-22 – Mid-Season Tournament

9-12 – Canadian Ultimate Championships in Toronto!
20 – Summer Playoff registration begins
23 – Fall Registration begins (indoor & outdoor)

8, 9 – Mon-Tuesday Playoffs for Summer League
15, 16 – Wed, Thursday Playoffs for Summer League
17 – Fall registration closes (outdoor)
19 – Fall Outdoor Leagues begin
28 – Fall registration closes (indoor)

1 – Fall Indoor League begins this week

12 – Winter League registration begins
25 – Fall Outdoor League ends

TBA – Fall indoor League ends
TBA – Winter League registration closes

Dates TBD

  • Juniors Ultimate Spring Tournament (J.U.S.T.)
  • Hat Tournaments and Clinics
  • TUC Socials including Canada Day Party, Summer Ending Party, etc.
  • TUC Annual General Meeting
  • Volunteers Party 

  • UPA Survey

    In a few weeks, the UPA will be hosting its League and Ultimate Organizers Conference where American clubs gather to discuss how they improve Ultimate in the United States. John Harris, current Executive Director for CUPA (Canadian Ultimate Players Association) and former GM for TUC, will be attending so that he can share key points with the Canuck Clubs and also prepare for the next CUPA conference.

    In order to ensure comprehensive representation, the UPA (and subsequently the CUPA) need your voice to be heard…and they would really appreciate it if you would take about 5-10 minutes to fill out the survey found at this link by Saturday, February 3, if at all possible.

    ONE VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: When participating in the survey please be sure to include the name of our organization (Toronto Ultimate Club) in the indicated field. This will help us to more competently apply Canadian results to Canadian Clubs! Thank you for your participation.

    Raoul Sioson – Rest in Peace

    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of TUC member Raoul Sioson, who died suddenly of a heart attack on January 17, 2007. Raoul was an avid Ultimate player, and a member of the Greater Toronto Mustang Club. His teams included Flickin’ Bitches, Under New Management, and Huck Me Silly. Raoul was 34 years old.

    The Toronto Ultimate Clubs sends its condolences to the family, friends, and teammates of Raoul. We will miss him greatly and continue to play on in his spirit.


    The TUC team