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TUC Fall League

We are shoring up details this month for TUC Fall League, so stay tuned to the web site and our next LAYOUT. Like last year, we will host Outdoor Co-Ed League (7-on-7) on Sunday afternoons, and Outdoor Single Gender League (7-on-7) on Wednesday evenings under lights. Co-Ed League is slated to start September 23 (and run for 10 weeks) and Single Gender League to start September 26 (and run for 6 weeks). Locations and rates to be announced very soon!

As for indoor league, we are working with our indoor partners to finalize our allotted times. The indoor season will begin at the start of October and run for 12 weeks. We will host our regular ‘individual’ signup league and possibly a team offering again this Fall.

League Notes

Next Shuffle – Our next League shuffle for Wednesday and Thursday nights is slated to take place on July 27. Like last time, the top two teams in each tier move up and the bottom two teams in each tier move down. This is the last shuffle of the regular season. As for Monday and Tuesday Leagues, the weekly shuffle continues!

Game Start & End Times – As the sun is now starting to set earlier it becomes more important for teams to start and finish their games at appropriate times. Please note on the TUC Events Calendar the indicated sunset times (game caps). It is still between the captains to work it out but we ask that you please finish your game on time. A recap on TUC game start times: 1)The indicated start time is 6:30pm – this is when our permits begin and is the ideal time to start games; 2) Official start time is 6:45pm – please try to start your game by this time; 3) 7:00pm – this is a late start time. If a team cannot field 6 players (minimum 2 females) by 7:00pm, then the opposing team should start counting 1 point against the opposition for every 5 minutes that they are late. Teams with full lines are not obligated to play 6-on-6 if the other team only has 6 players.

TUC Default Policy - if a team is unable to field enough players to play a scheduled game, that team will be in default. The opposing captain is under no obligation to accommodate the defaulting team and re-schedule. If BOTH captains decide to re-schedule, there is no default. League conveners must be informed as soon as possible if a game is postponed. Rescheduled games may be played any time up to a week before a shuffle or a week before the playoffs, whichever comes next. Games not played before the applicable deadline will not count in the standings. There will be no exceptions made for games scheduled on holidays. If a game is interrupted (e.g. by bad weather or a serious injury) and cannot continue that day, then the current score becomes final, unless both captains agree to complete the game at another time.

Winners AND losers of defaulted games are to report the default to the league convener. Spirit scores will not be recorded. Two consecutive defaults or three defaults overall may result in that team being eliminated from future league play, subject to consideration by the league convener.

Roster Deadline – By August 4, all teams who intend to participate in the playoffs must have their roster completed. Any person who is not a ‘regular player’ on their team roster by this date may not be permitted to participate in the playoffs. This rule will be enforced to the top 16 seed teams in each league. Lower seeded teams will be allowed to pickup TUC member subs or merge with other TUC teams, but this must be declared to TUC.


Mid-Season Tournament Just a Few Days Away

The Mid Season Tournament is FREE to all TUC teams – each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 6 games over the weekend, with games beginning at 8am on Saturday morning. If your team is going to play, make sure you have enough players for the whole weekend! Teams are welcome to pick up subs, but players must be TUC members or else pay a $15 fee per non-TUC member.

This Spirited event is always fun and focuses on participation. There are a lot of different amenities too for TUC members to take advantage of – on-site physio, fruits and bagels, water and Sports Power Fluid, sponsor tents, and a TUC clinic on Sunday July 22 at 1pm. Furthermore, we’re hosting a party on the Saturday night (July 21) for all tournament goers and TUC party’ers to attend.

Click here to see the TUC Mid Season Party Poster.

The Mid-Season Classic is sponsored by GAIA Ultimate, Daredevil Discs, Xilarate Sports Power Fluid, Amcare, Motrin IB, and Tetley Iced Tea.


AUGUST 9 - 12, 2007

We are only a few weeks away from the Canadian Ultimate Championships taking place in our own backyard! CUC 2007, the biggest Ultimate event in Canada, is being held on August 9-12 at Sunnybrook Park. This tournament features 80 teams in 5 divisions (Open, Women, Mixed, Juniors, Masters) and will identify the teams that will represent Canada at the World Championships in 2008.

Tournament pool games, as well as semi-finals for all divisions and the finals for Juniors and Masters, will take place at Sunnybrook Park from 8:30am to 7:00pm on August 9, 10, and 11. Admission is free and there will be lots of festivities taking place at the Ultimate Village including food services, beer garden, merchandising, and various demo’s and contests. The finals for Mixed (10am-12pm), Women (12pm-2pm), and Open (2pm-4pm) teams will take place on Sunday, August 12 at Varsity Stadium at the University of Toronto. Tickets are $5 for the day and doors open at 9am.

For more information on the Canadian Ultimate Championships, visit



The TUC Team



For June is William Ho!


William Ho is our Volunteer of the Month recipient for June. Will contributed many hours at the TUC Summer Experience Tournament, whether it be lugging equipment, collecting scores, or helping TUC members in need. Not only did he assist with the event on both days, but he also helped subbed for a team that was short players. Thanks for your dedication Will!

Thanks, William!

The 2007 Volunteer of the Month awards are brought to you by Scallywags Bar & Restaurant. Each Volunteer of the Month receives $50 Scally's Dollars that can be used towards any purchase at Scallywags!



Looking for volunteers


The search is on for volunteers to help create the 2007 edition of “Pie Plate.” Pie Plate is our annual souvenir magazine that is distributed to TUC members. It is a recap of the year’s events and will include photos, editorials, highlights, league results, and fun Ultimate facts. Our 2006 edition was outstanding and we need new volunteers to step up and take the 2007 edition to the next level. If you are interested in contributing to the 2007 Pie Plate, please contact
Mid-Season Tournament
July 21 - 22, 2007
Registration is now open!

The Toronto Ultimate Club's 2007 Mid-Season classic is a great opportunity for all TUC members and teams to test their skills against players from other TUC nights & divisions, and to prepare for the second half of the TUC Summer season and the drive to the playoffs. What better way is there to spend a summer weekend than enjoying some spirited Ultimate with your fellow TUC members!

This is one of the largest tournaments of the year with over 30 teams participating and our friends from GAIA, Daredevil, AMCARE, and Xilarate on site to share their product knowledge with you. Not to mention the usual TUC tournament amenities (bagels, fruit, water) will be provided.

TUC’s 2007 Mid-Season Tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 21 & 22. All games will be played at beautiful SUNNYBROOK PARK. The tournament is free of charge to all TUC members and $15 for non-members (team captains will be asked to confirm team rosters). The tournament follows the league format, as all teams must be Coed (4/3-3/4). Each team is guaranteed 6 games over the weekend, games starting at 9 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday. Entries for full TUC teams only will be accepted.

Registration is now open. The deadline for registration is Monday, July 16, 2007.


Secrets of the Pro’s Clinic
July 22 (at Mid Season)

The next TUC clinic will reveal the Secrets of the Pro’s. It will be a skills clinic for intermediate level players and it will be in conjunction with the TUC Mid Season Tournament. This is a great opportunity for players who are already at Sunnybrook participating in the event, as well as individual players who just want to come out and join the clinic. Taking place on Sunday, July 22 at 1:00pm, the clinic will focus on more advanced drills that touring teams use to build their skill levels. The clinic is FREE to all TUC members.

Register online for the clinic and check in at the TUC tent at Mid Season ‘Disc Central’ on the day.

See you there!


Every Friday and Sunday

Every Sunday from 2:30 – 5:30pm all TUC members are welcome to come on out and play pickup. We will play at Riverdale Park East (or move to Riverdale West if there is too much traffic). Pickup is completely informal and voluntary, but lots of fun.

Also starting June 1, Friday pickup will also be available at Riverdale East throughout the summer, from 6:30pm each night. See you there!

Raining Outside? Not Sure if you are Playing Your Games?

To check your game status on game days call our TUC Weather Hotline – 416.426.7432 – any time after 3:30pm each day. If games are canceled we will indicate it on the hotline, as well as post a warning on the home page by 3:30pm. If games are not canceled, play on! If you experience inclement weather during your games it is at the discretion of the captains to make the call – view our Bad Weather Policy and our Game Cancelation Policy for more details.

Less than six weeks away!

The top women of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour are coming to Toronto and they're packing some style. For more glory, guts and glamour the Rogers Cup presented by American Express will be “the place to be” featuring the hottest players, hippest styles and the most heart pounding matches.

Running August 11-19 at the world-class Rexall Centre, this event is a combination of tradition, style, glamour and excitement.

As a member of Toronto Ultimate Club, you are invited to join the excitement at significant savings: 30% off prime Level 100 Silver seats, 25% off Level 100 Bronze and 20% off Level 300 seats.

Last summer 7 sessions sold out! Reserve your tickets before it’s too late!

To order: Log onto and use your group access code:TUC0-5749456 or callTennis Canada at 1-877-283-6647 ext. 4306 or

Please see the attached PDF for more details.