Layout July 2008, Volume 2

Dear TUC Member,

In This Layout:

* Scally’s Cup & Ultimate Cruise – Sept 14
* Clinic League #3 on Thursdays Starting August 14
* Mid Season Tournament Wrap-Up
* TUC Fall League
* TUC Partners
* Pie Plate Photos & Submissions Needed!
* Volunteer Of The Month
* Summer Team Roster Deadline
* Good Luck our Teams and Players at the Worlds and Nationals!
* TUC Time Caps
* CUC 2007 DVD Finally in Stock!


Volunteer of the Month
for June is Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee - June Volunteer of the month

When the TUC volunteer bat signal looms in the sky, Shawn Lee comes to the rescue! Shawn is our June Volunteer of the Month. He has been an instrumental volunteer throughout the spring at clinics and our city field cleanup, and he has continued to help out TUC this summer. As a key leader for our Clinics League, Shawn has been helping newcomers learn the ropes of Ultimate every Monday night for the past month. He also popped by for a cameo appearance at our Spirit Hat Tournament, infusing fun and Spirit into our event. Constantly donating his time to help others and to help the Club, Shawn is another great example of what makes TUC such a unique Club.

Thanks Shawn!

Each V.O.M. will receive $50 Scally’s Dollars that can be used towards any purchase at Scallywags.



Summer Team Roster Deadline

A reminder to all teams that the Summer Team roster deadline is Friday, August 1. In order for any player on your team to be eligible for playoffs, they must be a TUC member and listed on your roster as a ‘regular player’ (or captain/coach) by August 1.

Furthermore, to be eligible for playoffs all players must have played a minimum of 5 summer league games with their respective teams.

For the playoffs we may allow recreational teams to pickup players, so long as they are registered TUC members and it is agreed upon by both team captains. However, the more competitive teams will be required to play with their accurate rosters.



Good Luck our Teams and Players at the Worlds and Nationals!

TUC would like to extend its best wishes to all of our traveling teams and players (current and past) who will be participating at the World Ultimate Championships (Aug 2-9) in Vancouver and the Canadian Ultimate Championships (Aug 14-17) in Calgary.

Toronto has multiple participants at the Worlds representing their club teams; GOAT, Lotus, Lily, Grand Trunk and Dirt. Congrats and good luck to John Hassel, Andrew Ouchterloney, Anatoly Vasilyev, Jeff Lindquist, Scotty Nicholls, Patrick Mooney, Kaitlyn (Hoodie) Lovatt, Alyson Walker, Thomas Black, Cameron Harris, Dan Dantzig, Giorgio Triani, Erica Tucker, Jordan Meron, Jeannette Quach, Alena Papayanis (representing the UK) and Jane Keane (representing New Zealand). Good luck also extends to Kirk Nylen, Peter Jamieson, Sheri Madigan and Lexi Marsh, coaching Team Canada Juniors this year. The Toronto Ultimate Club would also like to wish Team Canada Masters good luck. A majority of 'Tombstone' plays its ultimate here in Toronto. To follow the tournament, please logon to the TUC BBS, and there will probably be a thread going about it.

The Toronto Ultimate Club would like to extend its congratulations to the following teams who have qualified for Canadian Nationals and will represent the Toronto Ultimate Club in Calgary: Lotus in the Womens Division, Grand Trunk and Roy in the Open Division, Tundra and Monster in the Coed Division and Dirt in the Juniors Division. Also representing Toronto will be the Big Hammers, Fossil and Too Bad. Good luck to all the teams involved and make us proud and play with Spirit!

Courtesy of Rahil Suleman – TUC Touring Chair



TUC Time Caps

The summer nights are now becoming shorter, so please keep an eye on the TUC Time Caps located on our Events Calendar. Note there is a time cap for each week (listed on the Friday) and you should adhere to the time cap that last preceded your game date.

If your game looks like it will go beyond this time, captains should discuss (and agree) on how to end the game. The official ruling is you should complete the current point when you reach a time cap. If a team is then leading by more than two points, the game is over. Otherwise add 1 point to the highest score and whoever reaches that score first wins.

If it gets too dark to play, please stop and tie scores are acceptable!



CUC 2007 DVD Finally in Stock!

The TUC Shop is pleased to finally offer the 2007 Canadian Ultimate Championships DVD! The DVD features all 5 division finals, of which 4 Toronto teams were in them. The event was hosted here in Toronto last August with final games being played at Varsity Centre and Sunnybrook Park.

Cost for the CUC ’07 DVD is $26.99 plus tax and there is a limited supply.

Also we are offering all remaining 2006 CUC DVD’s (Open and Women’s Final) for a cost of only $15, including tax!




Scally’s Cup & Ultimate Cruise – Sept 14

Sunday, September 14 is a day you don't want to miss! In the morning/early afternoon we will be hosting the Scally's Cup All-Star Challenge at BMO Field! Then later in the afternoon we hop on a ship and celebrate the end of the summer season - it's the Toronto Ultimate Cruise!

Scally's Cup - Sept 14, 9am-1pm, BMO Field
The inaugural Scally’s Cup is an All-Star Challenge (sponsored by Scallywags, of course) that will showcase the top players from TUC’s summer leagues. The event will take place on Sunday, September 14 at BMO Field (premier field!) from 9am to 1pm.

Each captain can nominate player(s) of the opposing teams that they play right up until the end of the summer. From this, we’ll create a divisional All-Star team from each League Night for two divisions – competitive and intermediate (recreational team players are eligible for intermediate division!)

Nominate a Player Now: At any point in the season, captains can email nominations, whether that be on a weekly basis or other. Simply email your nightly convenor and indicate your team, the team you played against, and the name of the player(s) on their team you would like to nominate. Games already played this season may be included. A nomination from every game is not required, just nominate exceptional performances at any time. The nomination process is now open and we need captains to nominate players now!!!

Visit the Scally’s page on the web for further updates. Pass this poster along to your friends. All TUC members and their friends are invited to watch this exciting event at BMO, then join us afterwards on the Toronto Ultimate Cruise!

Toronto Ultimate Cruise

Celebrate the end of the summer season in style! TUC is hosting a boat cruise on September 14, just a few hours after we conclude the Scally's Cup. The cruise will run from 5pm-9pm, aboard a fabulous cruise ship that travels around the harbour and Toronto Island. Ride in style and enjoy a 'Summer Sensation' chicken dinner, a rockin dj dance party, and doing it up with your Ultimate friends!

Registration is NOW OPEN so register early to book your spot!

Pass long our event poster to your friends.

Clinic League #3 on Thursdays Starting August 14

Know someone new who wants to learn, or want to take your game to the next level? TUC will be hosting the 3rd of its successful Clinic Leagues program starting August 14.

The Clinic League will run on successive THURSDAYS from 6:30pm to dusk at Monarch Park CI. It will run for 5 weeks, beginning August 14 and concluding September 11. You will get expert instruction on improving your skills, basic team concepts, zones (offence & defense), strategies, rules and much more. Each week will provide a clinic on a specific topic for the first hour, which will then be followed by a scrimmage to practice those concepts. You can view an outline of what will be covered each week here.

You need to be a TUC Member in order to register for this league and registration cost is $25 for all 5 weeks. You can register online now in our registration section (note if you are having difficulties registering please review our How To Register article at the bottom of the home page).

Pass along to your friends who want to give Ultimate a try!

Register online now!

Mid Season Tournament Wrap-Up

What is it with the RAIN this summer?!?!?!?!?

For those who missed it, the Mid Season Classic was an adventurous tournament to say the least. Despite some heavy rain, we were able to complete the tournament minus a few games here and there. Thanks to all teams for their patience with our field and schedule changes – the puddles on the fields certainly didn’t make it easy!

Congratulations to Tier 1 winners Schlitz & Giggles (Cool) and Tier 2 winners Hustle. Also team Vertigo took home our Spirit Champ Award. Each team received gift bags including GAIA socks and water bottles, Health Zone XS Sport Drinks, tape, and a TUC disc. The winning teams also received a free case of beer courtesy of Steam Whistle Pilsner!

Visit the Mid Season page for results and photo link. Thanks to our volunteers once again for helping us run another great tournament!

TUC Fall League

It’s amazing how the summer flies by! We still have lots of great summer weather and Ultimate to experience, but we just want to keep you updated on the Fall. TUC is finalizing its fields and rates this month for Fall league, and we will formally announce our Fall League offerings in the first week of August – so be sure to check out your next LAYOUT!

TUC will be offering its usual Sunday Fall Co-Ed League (7-on-7, 4/3 gender split), which will run from September 21 to November 9 (7 weeks). Games will be played on centrally located fields as well as the new Downsview Park turf fields.

TUC will also offer its Wednesday Single Gender Leagues under lights (7-on-7) but with a twist this year. The league will run from September 24 to October 29 (6 weeks) and all games will be played at Greenwood Park. Spots will be limited and registration will be BY INDIVIDUAL only, we will draft the teams!

Finally, this Fall TUC will be offering a new Co-ed Turf League on Wednesdays. All games will be played at BMO Field and Downsview Park. Games will be full field, 7-on-7, with the gender ratio TBD, and games will be 1-hour speedpoint games. The league will run from September 17 to October 29 (7 weeks).

As for indoor league, we are working with our indoor partners to finalize our allotted times. We expect to begin our regular Thursday Co-Ed Indoor League on October 2 at the Downsview Hangar and we hope to be back at BMO as soon as the dome goes up! More details to come – look out for the next LAYOUT!

Fall League registration begins August 22.

TUC Partners

First off we’d like to welcome ZIPCAR to our family of TUC partners. Zipcar provided all of the water for our recent Mid season tournament and they will be back for the playoffs! All TUC members are waived the application fee ($30) when they sign up for their Zipcar membership. Visit this link to learn more about Zipcar, and be sure to visit them at the playoffs in September!

Also don’t forget to support our other great partners who support you the TUC member:

free GAIA member pricing and TUC team deals
UPA-approved quality custom discs, made in Canada
home to all your sport brace needs as well as award winning pharmacy, 15% off
half priced food for all TUC teams
beer prizing for top Spirited teams and tournament winners
quality sports drinks and other supplements for your team

Pie Plate Photos & Submissions Needed!

Our talented Pie Plate crew is working to make this year’s Pie Plate (TUC’s annual souvenir magazine) the best one ever, but they can’t do it without your feedback! Please support the PL8 ’08 crew in the following ways:
  • Provide your ideas on stories for the magazine. What kind of article do you think would be great for the Pie Plate?
  • What are some interesting comments you’ve heard on the field (keep it clean people!)? We want to know!
  • Do you have a great travel story involving Ultimate? Share it with us?
  • WE NEED PHOTOS!!! Here’s what we’re looking for:
    • Bloopers - whatever
    • Players’ faces when they’re cutting or throwing - good shots and funny shots
    • People skying and being sky’d
    • Lots of layouts and bids – defense and offense
    • pics of players new and old
    • Spirit images – teamwork, sportsmanship, games
    • team photos
    • artistic shots taken at the field

When submitting images please include dates, descriptions, and your name so that we can give you proper credit for the photo(s). Also remember that images submitted must be in high resolution (300 dpi)!

Email with your submissions now!



- The TUC Team


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