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* TUC Clinic League Begins May 26
* TUC Spirit Hat Tournament & Summer Kickoff Party – May 31
* Toronto Juniors Summer Leagues
* Summer Experience Tournament June 14-15
* Volunteer Of The Month
* Pickup on Sundays – Riverdale Park East
* Board Member Stepping Down
* TUC Welcomes New Events Manager


Volunteer of the Month
for April is Josée Guibord
Josée Guibord - April Volunteer of the month

Josée Guibord is the Scallywags Volunteer of the Month for April 2008. A veteran leader and player on Toronto’s top women’s touring team, Lotus, Josée has sacrificed countless hours to the sport of Ultimate. She can be found at many of our clinics offering her expertise to TUC members, from the basic concepts to the hard-core strategy. Josée recently was part of a great instructional team who ran our TUC ‘team’ clinic. She has also been our coordinator for Women’s Spring League this year, helping new players develop their techniques as well as organizing games.

A great example of an elite-level player giving back to the sport, Josée has been an outstanding volunteer for TUC this spring. Thanks Josée!

Thanks Josée!

Each V.O.M. will receive $50 Scally’s Dollars that can be used towards any purchase at Scallywags.



Pickup on Sundays – Riverdale Park East

TUC offers Sunday pickup at Riverdale Park East, beginning May 25. We have a permit for the space east of the tracks from 2:30pm-5:30pm all summer. All TUC members are encouraged to come down to the field and play pickup!


Board Member Stepping Down

TUC would like to send a big thanks to long time member and volunteer Stéphane Levac, who recently stepped down from our Board of Directors in order to focus on personal matters. Stéphane has been a key figure and outspoken leader on various committees and he will be greatly missed. We wish Stéphane the best of luck in his endeavours and we hope to see him out on the field soon!


TUC Welcomes New Events Manager

TUC is pleased to welcome Carmen Chan to the management team for Summer 2008. Carmen will serve as the Events Manager for TUC and be responsible for the organization and execution of TUC tournaments this season. She brings a wealth of knowledge as well as experience in running Ultimate events; she was a key leader for the Canadian Ultimate Championships held in Toronto last year. We are excite to have Carmen aboard and she can be reached at





TUC Summer League begins this week and runs all summer long through to the first week after Labour Day. We hope that you enjoy Summer League and you remember to ALWAYS PLAY WITH SPIRIT. Here are a few quick notes on TUC Summer League:
  • If you know of someone who’d like to sign up as an individual to be placed on a team there are still spots available on some nights. Contact the TUC office.
  • Summer League game starts are indicated as 6:30pm (with the possible exception of late games on premier fields). We realize 6:30pm is a tough time to start, but that is when our permits begin. We ask that you aim to start your game BY 6:45pm and definitely no later than 7pm. Please try to arrive early out of respect for your opponent.
  • Games go to 17 points, but you must win by two points (or hard cap of 19). Games can end earlier due to time cap or upon agreement of the captains (ie. inclement weather).
  • Each team is allowed 2 timeouts per game and there are no overtime or universe point timeouts
  • - Gender ratio is 4:3 (male:female) but teams can go 3:4 with the pulling team matching the receiving team. Hat teams that are very short on female players should be allowed to play 5:2 – use SPIRIT in all cases.

Captains Notes:

Membership Package Notes:

If your captain did not pickup your membership package at the captain’s meeting, then you can pickup your package at the TUC office, or upcoming TUC events, beginning May 31.

TUC Clinic League Begins May 26

Have you been looking to take your game to the next level? Or are you new to the game and want to give it a try? Well, TUC has what you’re looking for with its new 5 Week Clinic League.

The TUC Clinic League will begin Monday May 26, 2008 from 6:30 PM to dusk at Caledonia Park (Caledonia and Keele). It will run on consecutive Mondays for 5 weeks and you will get expert instructions on improving your skills, basic team concepts, zones (offence & defense), strategies, rules and much more. Each week will provide a clinic on a specific topic for the first hour, which will then be followed by a scrimmage to practice those concepts. You can view an outline of what will be covered each week here.

You need to be a TUC Member in order to register for this league and registration cost is $25 for all 5 weeks. You can register online now in our registration section (note if you are having difficulties registering please review our How To Register article at the bottom of the home page).

TUC Spirit Hat Tournament & Summer Kickoff Party – May 31


The event will be a fun day of Ultimate that focuses specifically on Spirit and enjoyment of the game. ALL SUMMER TEAMS are encouraged to send at least one representative from your team, in an effort to develop Spirit league-wide. Of course though way more than 1 are welcome! Teams will be made via 'hat' format, so you will have the opportunity to play with and meet new people. The location is beautiful Sunnybrook Park and we are hosting a BBQ lunch for all participants! Start time is 9am and the event is FREE for all TUC members. Cost is $15 for non-TUC members.

Registration is NOW OPEN, you must register online in order to participate.


Later that night following the Spirit hat tournament we will be hosting the TUC Summer Kickoff Party! We will be hosting a raucous good time at the Madison Pub, starting at 9pm. There will be food, prizing, and a FREE drink for the first 50 TUC members in attendance! You don't need to register for this event, simply show up and party - but come early enough so you don't miss out on the amenities. Please note this event is for TUC members and their friends who are 19+ years of age. Here is the event poster to pass along to your teammates and friends.

Toronto Juniors Summer Leagues

Juniors are the future of our sport and we ask all TUC members to help us spread the word about the Toronto Juniors Summer League (TJSL). TJSL is for youth aged 18 and under (recommended ages 15-18). It is co-ed, open to all skill levels, and it focuses on skill development and game play. Players can play with their friends and depending on the skill level of the players, we can adapt the leagues accordingly to balance competition and make it fun.

In 2008 we will host a TJSL West and a TJSL East to encourage a wider range of participation. TJSL West will take place at Cedarvale Park and TJSL East at Jarvis CI. The leagues run on Wednesdays beginning June 11, through to August 13 (or possibly later depending on interest). Start time is 6:30pm and runs until 8:30pm each night. Coaches are present at all games. Cost to participate is $25 per league and you must be a registered TUC Junior member with completed waiver. Visit the TUC Juniors page for information.

Registration is now open! .

You need to be a TUC Member in order to register for this league and registration cost is $25 for all 5 weeks. You can register online at

Summer Experience Tournament June 14-15

The TUC Summer Experience is back in 2008! Co-hosted by TUC and The Ultimate Experience, the tournament will take place June 14-15 at beautiful Sunnybrook Park. We are offering our TUC Team/Individual Division as well as a Touring Division for Open, Women, and Co-ed. We encourage all touring teams to visit the Ultimate Experience webpage for complete information on the event as well registering.

For the TUC Team/Player Division, the level of play will roughly be intermediate, but is completely dependent on who signs up - all are welcome! The purpose of the tournament is have fun and be social with other teams, while working on skills and plays within your own team. So if you end up playing against a much stronger or weaker team, you can use the opportunity to develop your team in certain areas. Simply make the best of the Summer Experience!

Open to all TUC Co-Ed Teams and players (limited spots)

Team Fee: $125 per TUC team
Individual Fee: $15 per TUC member who does not have a team, or $30 per non-TUC member. You will be placed on a 'hat' team with other individual signups.
Guaranteed minimum of 6 games (not including defaults), plus tournament amenities.

TUC teams and players register online through TUC. Registration will be open May 23.


- The TUC Team



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