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Summer End Wrap-Up

What a summer season!!! A big congratulations to Wednesday League Champions Sweet and Thursday League Champions Turd Ferguson, who we did not get to recognize in the last LAYOUT edition. The second playoff weekend featured 10 more teams than the first and some great weather to boot. Thanks again to our wonderful volunteers and partners!


Wednesday Summer League Champs - SweetThursday Summer League Champs - Turd Ferguson

Be sure to check out all photos from the playoffs and TUC events, courtesy of

The TUC Summer End Party and Annual General Meeting also went off without a hitch – a big thanks to our friends at Scallywags for their support! The Summer End Party featured great tunes, compliments of ‘The Singing DJ’, and went well into the night with over 200 TUC members and Zodiac crashers singing and dancing along.







The Annual General Meeting was instrumental for the Club as a new By-Law amendment was approved by the membership and key finances for the Club were discussed. Here are the TUC 2006 AGM Minutes. All members are welcome to contact the Club if they have any questions.

A big welcome to the four new members of our Board of Directors – Kirk Brown, Cindy Patrino, Mike Pezzack, and Rahil Suleman - and to Directors Robert Botman and Stéphane Levac who have signed on for another term. Many thanks to departing Board Directors Kirk Nylen and Renée Tratch who have been big contributors to the Club!

Beginner/Intermediate Clinic – October 14

There will be a Co-Ed Clinic, for beginner and intermediate Ultimate players, on Saturday, October 14, at Riverdale Park East, from 1pm-3pm. The clinic is FREE to all TUC members and $5 for non-TUC members. No pre-registration is required, but we ask that you email to notify of your attendance and your skill level. Then simply sign in at the TUC tent on the day of the clinic. The clinic will feature skill and basic strategy sessions to help out new players and will also include some more advanced drills for more experienced players (1-2 years). This is the last outdoor clinic for the year so come on out and take advantage!

New Web Site

The TUC web site now has a new look and feel to it, thanks to the Herculean efforts of our webmaster Greg Schmidt. What you see is no simple visual change but rather a reworking of virtually everything within the site. We are now using a new web host, new content management software, and new league management software. Specifically, we are using an adapted version of “Leaguerunner” which our friends from Ottawa have used successfully for the last 4-5 years. The result will be a more functional, user–friendly, and cost-friendly web site for TUC. A few important notes for players and captains regarding the site:

    -Can all Captains/Teams from the Fall Outdoor Leagues (Sunday & Wednesday) please re-enter game scores and spirit scores from your first games!! Our new system was unable to transfer over those scores and we need you to update them!
    -With the new system BOTH Captains must enter scores in order for them to be verified and reflected in the standings. Please remember to visit the website and update scores after each game.
    -Captains are also asked to please update their team rosters on the new system!
    -ALL TUC MEMBERS (playing in Fall League or not) are asked to Login to the new web site and update their profiles. There is new information to be added and we need to make sure your current information is correct. If you have a BBS Account then you use the Username and Password that you use for your BBS. If you don’t use the BBS system, you simply use the email and password that you previously used on the old site. Thank you for taking two minutes to update your profile and check out the new site!
    -Spirit Scores Matter: we now have a Spirit Questionnaire that calculates spirit scores based upon questions you answer about the opposing team. The score is out of 10 and the team’s average SOTG is posted in the league standings. Captains are also required to post comments (confidential to TUC) when they record spirit scores lower than 6. This is the first step the Club is taking in making spirit scores more relevant to our leagues. Remember, ALWAYS PLAY WITH SPIRIT!







Fall League Updates

This is our best season to date with over 900 participants in TUC Fall League! We are already 2 weeks into the outdoor season and the indoor schedule kicks off this week. Here are a couple quick notes:

Outdoor Leagues

    -Remember to bring a copy of the permit to your games! We have acquired permits for our outdoor fall fields so that you can avoid having to ‘haggle’ for field space. These permits are particularly useful in our central locations where more user groups are showing up and trying to use our permitted space. The permits are posted under outdoor fall league.
    –Please continue to report any incidents. In Round 1 we had problems with the lights on Wednesdays, but thanks to TUC reports we were able to identify and fix the problem.
    –Same rules apply in Fall League as in Summer; please do not leave litter behind and please be courteous to the local communities.
    –A reminder that there are no Sunday games this weekend due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Fields are available for teams wishing to practice or scrimmage.







Indoor Leagues

    –No cleats! Running shoes or turf shoes only please.
    –All Thursday Fall Indoor League games will be held at the Downsview Hangar. We will consider using MSC for Winter Thursday League but have enough capacity at the Hangar to host all games there.
    –Thursday Games will now run 70 min in length to maximize our field space and give you more bang for your buck!
    –As indicated, all Tuesday Fall Indoor games (team night) will be played at Metro Sports Centre and there will be no midnight games, woo-hoo!
    –Directions to the Hangar and Metro Sports Centre are posted on the web site for both indoor venues.







Winter League Registration

Winter League registration is currently slated to begin on November 27, however we may be moving the opening date to early November to get a head-start on Winter League. It will all depend on the reconfiguration of our web site and our indoor field developments. Winter League will run for 14 weeks beginning January 9 and will include single gender, individual, and team nights.

Watch for the next LAYOUT to learn more about Winter Indoor registration!

Volunteer in 2007!

It’s not too early now to start thinking about the new year and how you can be a part of the TUC team. We are looking for volunteers to help out in ways big or small, in 2007. Enthusiastic and experienced volunteers will be required to either Chair or contribute to areas such as:

    -Communications: improving TUC’s current communications and media resources
    -League: ensuring leagues are run smoothly and efficiently
    -Clinics: expanding TUC clinics
    -Events: TUC tournaments and social events
    -Marketing: increasing visibility of the TUC brand
    -Development: enhancing youth programs and field initiatives







Volunteering for the Club is a great way to bolster your resume and gain experience in sport management, but it also helps you understand our Club and earns you volunteer points that you can use for free gear at the TUC Shop! If you are interested in these or other areas and feel you can make a significant contribution to TUC please email

The TUC SHOP has everything you need for Fall Ultimate!

Hey! Not only does the TUC SHOP carry lots of discs, cleats, shirts, DVD’s, and Ultimate accessories, we also have Daredevil FROSTIE discs and GAIA G4 INDOOR Turf Cleats for sale:

The Daredevil Frostie Disc is made of a softer plastic that’s more suitable for cold weather. Pick one up at the TUC SHOP for only $11.75 (plus GST/PST).

The GAIA G4 Indoor Turf Cleat are a similar construction to the G4 Outdoor Cleat (stiffer, lighter, faster) but with a rubberized, traction-control base instead of cleats. Available in both men’s and women’s sizing, the GAIA G4 Indoor Turf Cleat retails for $75 ($95 for non-TUC members), plus GST/PST.

The TUC SHOP is located at our Head Office, Suite #703, 1185 Eglinton Avenue East. See our web site for directions to the office. We are open regular business hours.


The TUC team