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Dear TUC Member,

Welcome New TUC Members
Farewell Jen
Annual General Meeting Results
Volunteers 2008
Volunteer Of The Month
Fall Outdoor League Update
Playoff Format Proposal
TUC SHOP Sale - Daredevil Frostie Discs
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Once again we’d like to welcome all of the new TUC members who have joined us for the Fall Season. Whether you are completely new to the Club or are returning from absence we are glad you could join us. Thanks for being a part of Toronto’s ‘original’ Ultimate Frisbee Club and the best Ultimate in the GTA!

As is offered to all members, if you have any questions about our Club, Leagues, or events do not hesitate to contact our Club at or 416.426.7175. Of course, our web site is a virtual library of information and we urge you to read through its pages as well!

Note: all new TUC members are eligible to receive a free ‘Spirit of the Game’ member disc, but we will not be mailing these out. Discs can be picked up at the TUC office prior to December 20.




We recently opened up room for 2 MORE CO-ED TEAMS AT BMO FIELD FOR TUESDAY NIGHTS. Cost is $1350 per team. This league begins November 20 and runs through to February 5. The BMO Men’s League, also on Tuesday nights, has room for 7 MORE INDIVIDUAL SIGNUPS. Cost is $145 per person. Registration closes November 7, but chances are these spots won’t last much longer! Sign up now!

NOTE: The BMO Monday & Tuesday Leagues will now start (and finish) one week later than originally intended. League play now begins November 19 & 20 and concludes February 4 & 5.

Winter League Registration: once the BMO Fall Leagues we will begin new Winter BMO Leagues the following week (Feb. 11-12, 2008). Winter Registration is slated to open November 19. We will also host our Winter Thursday Indoor Draft League at the Hangar (starting January 10, 2008) and we are currently in discussions with the Varsity Centre for winter usage.



Another great TUC Summer Season is in the books. Thanks to all teams, players, convenors, and volunteers for another outstanding year. A big thanks to our new Spirit Chair Warren Foltz who monitored team Spirit throughout the season and communicated with the teams, as well as all teams who raised their overall SOTG as the season progressed. Let’s keep focusing on Spirit of the Game and improving everyone’s overall enjoyment of TUC leagues! A big congrats to the following TUC Summer League Teams who scored PERFECT 10.0 Spirit Scores this summer:

Monday League: Release the Hounds, Dirt, Plan Q, Funky Hustle, SPIN
Tuesday League: --NA--
Wednesday League: Monster, Sweet, Guanxi
Thursday League: Spider Monkey

LOST & FOUND (last call) – There are still a few items remaining in our office from the playoff weekends. Claim them now before we send them to the Goodwill in early November: umbrellas (2), water bottles (10), sweaters (2 black, 1 orange), plaid blanket (1), sunglasses (2), and purple baby hat (1).




Our Events Manager Jen Krol has completed her summer internship with TUC and has moved back to the Athletic Centre at the University of Toronto. From May to September, she was an integral part of the TUC team and helped bring our events to new levels of organization and excellence. Jen’s many contributions and cheery smile will be greatly missed by TUC and we wish her all the best in her pursuit of a career in sport management.

Thanks Jen!!!


Annual General Meeting Results

We were thrilled to have a good turnout at the AGM and some lively discussion. The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that all minutes and financial statements were approved and our auditor has been confirmed for next year. Furthermore, the Future Fields Fund was discussed and a proposal to decrease the amount of the Fields Fund was rejected. Therefore, the Fields Fund will remain at $25 per member (included in your membership fee). Moreover the Board is discussing new ways to introduce entry level memberships and our new pro-rated memberships have been a success.

The Board is also pleased to announce the appointment of 3 new Board members for the 2008/2009 term. Ethan Milberg, Max Quijano, and Warren Foltz each join the team after having served on various volunteer committees. They will still remain actively involved in TUC operations and their years of experience with the Club will provide some great insight for the future. The Board will also like to thank outgoing Board members Robert Camp, Sean Evans, and Alison Fletcher for their years of service to the Club. You will be greatly missed and we wish you all the best!

Here are the minutes of the 2007 TUC Annual General Meeting.


Our strong volunteer base continues to grow and with each new volunteer our Club improves. In 2007 we boasted a new Social Committee, new Clinic Committee, and a new Spirit Chair. The results? More organized and exciting social events, more clinics that also catered to specific skill levels, and a revamped focus on Spirit monitoring, communications, and accountability. What will we improve for 2007? Well, the hope is to get more volunteers on board for every committee. TUC remains a volunteer-driven Club whose success is dependent on the blood, sweat, and tears of its benevolent members. Visit our Strategic Guide to get an idea of where we’re heading. Enthusiastic volunteers are asked to step up to the plate – whether your contribution is big or small, it all helps the Club!

  • Pie Plate: we are in immediate and dire need of a Pie Plate editor and column contributors. Without your help our Pie Plate faces extinction!
  • Lands Committee: for too long the efforts have rested on the shoulders of a small few. Want TUC fields to improve? Have ideas on areas TUC can explore for new fields? Our goal is to assemble a team that can put our Club at the forefront of field developments and find viable solution(s) for our Future Fields Fund.
  • Juniors: TUC Juniors leagues and membership continues to grow. But we have yet to REALLY capture the large population of young players out there. Help us welcome young players to TUC and provide an Ultimate offering that is appropriate to their lifestyles.
  • School Clinics: 1 or 2 volunteers who can be a liaison between TUC and the school systems to bring Ultimate to schools across the GTA
  • Marketing: per our Strategic Plan TUC will be making strides in the area of marketing in 2008. It’s a time to get creative and generate excitement about TUC, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?
  • League Convenors: the growing number of leagues means new Convenors are needed!
  • Volunteers: help us recruit, coordinate, and recognize TUC volunteers!
  • Web Site: our webmaster Greg is working his tail off and could use some help!!!
  • Clinics/Social/Spirit/Events/Communications…. we currently have GREAT volunteers on board but they need some help too!

Volunteering for the Club has many benefits. You can help the Club grow and get satisfaction knowing that your contributions have made this Club better. You can bolster your resume and gain experience in the sport field. You can also earn volunteer points that you can spend at the TUC Shop on free Ultimate gear! If you are interested in volunteering for the Club please contact




For September is Kim McNaughton!


September's volunteer of the month is Kim McNaughton. Kim spent many hours at Sunnybrook helping to ensure that our playoff tournaments ran smoothly. Whether it was answering questions at the TUC tent, collecting scores or going on water runs, Kim was there when our members needed her! She has also volunteered at other TUC events this year like the Summer Kickoff Party.

Kim, your hard work is greatly appreciated by all, thank you!

The 2007 Volunteer of the Month awards are brought to you by Scallywags Bar & Restaurant. Each Volunteer of the Month receives $50 Scally's Dollars that can be used towards any purchase at Scallywags!




League Updates!!!
We’re into Round 3 of our Outdoor Leagues on Sundays and Wednesdays. A few reminders regarding outdoor league:
  • Remember to bring a copy of the permits to your games. We acquire permits so that you can avoid having to ‘haggle’ for field space. These permits are particularly useful in central locations where more user groups are showing up and trying to use our permitted space. Visit the 2007 Outdoor Fall League Permits page.
  • Please report incidents to TUC whether it be lighting, significant field damage, major injuries, Spirit, etc.
  • DO NOT LEAVE ANY LITTER ON THE FIELD and please be courteous to community residents. If they are on the field please politely ask them to move outside the field.
  • Ensure that your captains are entering game scores after each game. BOTH captains must enter the score in order for them to be verified and reflected in the standings. Also, because Sunday League is the pyramid system (where subsequent games are impacted by previous results) it is very important that all games are scored in Leaguerunner.
  • Spirit of the Game: please play with Spirit and captains please take your Spirit scores seriously. We’re trying to improve Spirit and it’s up to each of us to do our part! Note that we have reduced the SOTG Questionnaire from 5 questions to 4 to eliminate redundancy.
  • Scallywags Team Specials Still On! TUC Outdoor Fall League teams can take advantage of our team deals at Scallywags after their games. All TUC Outdoor Teams receive HALF PRICE FOOD at Scallywag’s. Simply tell them your TUC Fall Team Name or if you still have your summer team card, present it to receive your discounted grub!
  • Buy a Frostie Disc – see below!

The TUC Staff and Board of Directors are considering a change to our existing Summer League Playoff Format and we want your feedback on the matter. You are not obligated to comment but we hope that you will. The proposal is to eliminate the ‘pool play’ aspect of the playoff weekend, thereby reducing games to 3 per team which are all played on one day. For more details and to comment on the proposal please visit the BBS post which is under ‘Talk TUC League’. Scroll down to see the original post (proposal).


This month the TUC Shop has Frostie Discs on sale for $10! What is a Frostie Disc you ask? It's the only disc designed for cold weather play, brought to you by our friends from Daredevil Discs. It's made of a softer plastic that is easier on the hands when catching in chilly weather. The TUC Frostie Disc is white with blue and red colouring. Come to our TUC Shop (1185 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 703) or order online. Sale ends November 9, 2007.


The TUC Team