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Ultimate Peace Donations - Video

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Ultimate Peace Donations - Video

Postby -JR- » Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:37 am

On behalf of Ultimate Peace:

We run programs in the Middle East that use Ultimate as a tool to bring youth together from different sides of the regional conflict. We are also beginning to work in other parts of the world, including Colombia. We believe Ultimate and Spirit of the Game can change the world, and in fact, already is. We have had tremendous success in the Middle East, as you will see on the short video below, but also have real challenges.

We started a campaign to raise money for our year-round programs, and I am asking for your help. We are a volunteer run organization, but the programs are still costly. I am hoping you will be willing to share our fundraising link with your peers. It has a short powerful video and provides more information about our work and organization

You surely heard about all the violent outbreaks recently in Gaza in the West Bank and inTel Aviv, Israel. It made running our programs very difficult, as our purpose is to bring Arabs, Jews, and Palestinians together to build bonds of friendships so they can one day build a brighter future together.

When borders are closed, parents are afraid and kids feel the hate around them - it makes it very hard to do our important work. The recent events also made us realize we have to make sure our programs go year-round and reach more youth so no matter what happens in the region, our programs will go on and keep blazing the trail of peace.

We are asking that people think about giving a gift, a gift of peace and hope - to the children and future of the Middle East and to the growth of Ultimate in the region. Donations of any size help. We will use it well. As you see on the video, it is working.

Please join others around the globe in helping use our sport for peace. We hope to spread the work around the world as time goes on.
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