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German Ulti touring player hoping for a couch this week

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:38 pm
by Jim Lim
Hey ultimate players in Toronto. My name is Jan and I'm from Heidelberg, Germany. I coached the U20 German National Team at the WJUC last week. Before I go home, I want to stay in Toronto till the 3rd of September to see this amazing city I have heard so much about. It would be awesome to get a place to sleep at for this time, especially with fellow ultimate player(s)!
Some information about me: I'm 24 years old and studying sports, physics and math to become a teacher. I live in Heidelberg, Germany, and play on their ultimate touring club team called Heidees. Whether we talk ulti, travelling, eating, what are the great things about Toronto, or you'd like me to quietly come and go so as not to disturb you... I'm very easy going and happy to meet your wishes.

It would be great, if there is anybody I can stay with for this time (Wednesday night until Monday or even part of that time)

Kind regards and thank you very much,


(posted on behalf of Jan by me, Jim Lim. I can vouch for him as a nice, trustworthy person. I lived in Heidelberg for a little while and also played with the Heidees. Jan comes highly recommended as a good guy. If you have a spot for Jan, please either post on this thread or PM him at