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In loving memory ..

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In loving memory ..

Postby TeeSee » Fri Jan 19, 2007 2:44 pm

Our friend Raoul Sioson passed away on Wednesday, January 17 while playing ultimate – a sport he loved. After eight years of playing ultimate with him, he was our team captain for the first time this season, and had big plans for turning our team into this season’s champs. Raoul was the kind of person who stood out in a crowd for his genuine caring and true friendship. He always had a smile on his face. For all of us who knew him, as sad as we are now, our lives would not have been the same if we had never known him.

There are so many things we could say about Raoul, but one of his friends summed it up best:

Whose smile did we look forward to …whose laugh was contagious …who showed up late and you were so glad he came … who had great little stories and a contagious laugh … who added to the fun … who was sooo cool … who did weird stuff and you loved it … who never got angry … who was calming … who you always wanted to hang with … who you wanted to talk to … who made you feel like it was old times right away – even though it had been a while … who was always glad to see you … who was committed to his friends … who loved a quality high powered vehicle…rrrr … who was the guy you always hoped would show up … who always had the coolest gadgets … who provided fantastic treats and eats … whose crazy ideas always made us laugh – baconball anyone? … who was always “inâ€￾… who would always go the distance to meet you … who enjoyed himself everywhere … who thanked you … who complimented you every time he saw you … who never complained … who never seemed stressed … who was open, lovable and always made you laugh… who gave the BEST hugs … who made you feel good … who was generous … who we respected and who we should be more like … who we will NEVER forget….

There’s just one answer. Our friend Raoul. We will miss you.

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