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Postby colin » Wed Jan 31, 2007 2:24 am

Forward from a friend....

Gday Ulti-mate,

I'm contacting you today because I would like to tell you about a new website I've created. Born from the frustration of using the public newsgroup Rec.Sport.Disc on a daily basis, UltiTalk.Com was developed to bring new life to the world of Ultimate discussions.

Gone are the days of jumbled posts, static text and lost topics that we've become so used to on RSD. UltiTalk.Com uses the latest in web forum technologies to give members more comfort, more control and easier access when talking about Ultimate. It supports such features as:

* Separate boards for specific topics (i.e. Ulti News, Ulti Strategy, Ulti Trash Talk, etc).
* Powerful search capabilites to search for topics on any subject.
* The ability to subscribe to a topic and be notified by email when someone replies to it.
* A fully operational calendar where you can add the dates of your next Ultimate event.
* A public links repository where you can share links to your favorite Ultimate websites.
* A public photo gallery where you can upload some of your favorite Ultimate photos for the community to see.
* A real-time chatroom where you can discuss Ultimate with other UltiTalk.Com members (coming soon).

All of these features and more help make viewing topics about Ultimate much more enjoyable. So take a moment to visit UltiTalk.Com and see what it's about. And if you like it, become a member. The more the merrier.

See ya there...


- Matthew "Seppo" Marcus

P.S. Help spread the word. The more people we can get involved, the better the Ultimate community will be. Forward this email to your Ulti-mates.
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