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Desparate Call for Men (Men?!) for a Tourney!

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Desparate Call for Men (Men?!) for a Tourney!

Postby ultidave » Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:34 am

My HUC league team has put a bid in for Unknown Legends here in Hamilton this weekend, but between the coming school year, trips and a number of last minute work commitments, we find ourselves in rough shape for guys. We'd happily take another gal, but without at least a couple more guys, we're going to need to pull out.

So, if you're free this weekend, you're a guy, think you might be a guy, think you might know a guy or are a cute gal that can find us a guy in record time, please, _puh-LEEZE_, send me an email at

We're a Spirited team that has moved up to the top division, but we're be down some of our better players, so we're focusing on fun first, cohesion second and final scores third. We wear Orange, and do so proudly and try very hard to live up to our name Drunk & Discorderly.


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