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GOAT, USAU Semi v. Bravo video

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GOAT, USAU Semi v. Bravo video

Postby @UltiCraig » Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:16 am

2014 USA Ultimate Championships

USA Ultimate Nationals from Frisco Texas The highest level of competitive Ultimate anywhere ... pionships/

F I N A L L Y . . . .

Most people who don't live in the USA didn't get to watch the semis and finals of the USAU Championships (find more posts in Tournaments/USAU 2014) since they were only aired in the States on ESPN3.

The super exciting Semi Final game between Toronto GOAT and Denver Johnny Bravo was posted on USA's Youtube channel on New Years Eve. Check it out.

Watch the game and you'll see some of your favourite RUSH players on GOAT plus all star handler Derek Alexander and one of England's and Europe's best players, Justin Foord. Look for Andrew Carroll on D and Canadian All star from North Bay, Scotty Nicholls on O. Ex Vancouver Furious George defensive all stars, Morgan Hibertt and Aaron Liu. And of course veteran, Andy Ocuhterlony, (Andy O).!roster/c1ggt
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