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Regionals Sunday Results

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Regionals Sunday Results

Postby @UltiCraig » Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:04 pm

2015 USAU Triple Crown Tour

Scroll down for this Weekend's Regional Results

2015 USAU Triple Crown Tour Post Season
The Triple Crown Tour represents the highest level of competitive Ultimate in the World and features teams in three divisions: Men’s (est. 1979), Women’s (1983), and Mixed (1998). Teams are split across four tiered flights: Pro, Elite, Select, and Classic.

The regular season consists of a series of summer USA Ultimate sanctioned tournaments, including featured events like the U.S. Open Championship and Flight specific events. The post-season narrows over 700 teams down to 16 in each division to compete for the National Championship. ... spx#season

The top 16 men's, mixed, and women's division teams face off in the championship crowning tournament of the 2015 Triple Crown Tour. Canadian Teams expected to be going to Frisco Texas, include Canadian Champions Toronto GOAT and possibly Vancouver Furious George in Mens plus Toronto Capitals, Montreal Iris and Canadian Women's Champions Vancouver Traffic in Women's. Toronto Union will not be participating after devoting their energies to winning the Canadian Championships. For the first time since 2005 Mexican teams, Felix in Mens and and their sister team, Malafama, will be competing at South West Regionals after earning bids at Texas Sectionals. ... ince-2005/
Mexico's Fenix:

Many other Canadian teams traveled to Sectionals the weekend of Sep. 1/2 to qualify for Regionals, taking place Sep 12/13, and their shot at advancing to the post season Finals. The USAU divides N.A. into 8 regions, so teams from Canada and Mexico are also eligible to qualify. This year the Northwest and Northeast Sectionals and Regionals will have Maple flavoured teams. No Alberta or Manitoba teams entered. Top USAU Pro and Elite Flight teams (top 16 USAU ranked teams from 2014), get byes to Regionals.

Sectionals Results, Aug 29/30
Northeast Region
Upstate N.Y. Section, (Toronto and Ottawa teams)
O - Toronto GOAT, bye. Ottawa Phoenix, 1st, advance to Regionals
W - Toronto Capitals, bye.
Western N.Y Section, (Montreal and Quebec teams)
O - Montreal Mockingbird, 2nd, advance to Regionals. Montreal Mephisto finish 3rd and are eliminated after losing G2G against Mockingbird 5-15. Montreal Magma 5th. Montreal Inferno 8th. Montreal Rage 9th, all eliminated.
W - Montreal Iris 1st and Montreal Storm, 2nd, both advance to Regionals. Montreal Mystik, 4th, Montreal Polaris, 5th and Montreal Fuzion, 6th, all eliminated.
X - Quebec Quest, 1st and advance, Trois Rivieres T-Rex, 5th and eliminated
Eastern N.Y. Section, (Maritimes teams)
O - Halifax Red Circus, 5th and win last bid to Regionals.
W - Halifax Salty, 2nd and advance to Regionals
Northwest Region
Washington Section, (all Vancouver teams)
O - Furious George, bye. Blackfish, 6th, eliminated.
W - Traffic, bye. Zephyr, 4th, eliminated.

Regionals Results, Sep 12/13
O - Toronto GOAT - 2 bids available for the three top teams, Boston Ironside (1) , New York PoNY (2) and GOAT (3).
GOAT beat PoNY 15-10 in semis, D line did some good work with the disc. Next they meet Ironside in the Finals Sunday morning. Winner earns a bid, loser plays in the Game to Go. Ottawa Phoenix (10) v Amherst Dark or Light (4) in the semis of the 2nd place bracket Sunday morning. Montreal Mockingbird (9) playing for 9th place. Halifax Red Circus (14) in the semis of the 13th place bracket.
The morning Final Toronto 12 v 15 Boston. G2G was GOAT v PoNY, final 15-10 Toronto. Ottawa Phoenix defeated Dark or Light 15-11 and then lost to New York 12-15 and their chance to play in the G2G, but a great showing by Ottawa. Montreal Mockingbird finish 9th and Halifax Red Circus tied for 13th. ... l-preview/
W - Toronto Capitals - 4 bids available. Probably USAU top ranked #1 Boston Brute Squad (1) wins and Caps (2), New York Bent (4) and Montreal Iris (3) take the other 3.
Iris beat the Caps 13-10 to go undefeated on Saturday with one Pool play B game left before Sunday bracket play, so Caps go 3-1. Halifax Salty 2-2 and 4th in 6 team Pool A also with one pool game left.
Pool play saw Brute Squad and Iris finish 5-0, Bent and Caps 4-1. The final was a Boston 15-5 victory over Montreal. Iris then played New York, (who beat Toronto in the 2nd bracket semi 15-8), in the 2nd Bracket Final winning 14-11. Caps played Boston Siege in the 4/5 Bracket Final and won 15-7, so Brute, Iris, Bent and Caps secure the 4 bids in that order. Congratulations to Halifax Salty finish 6th and earn Select status. ... s-preview/
X - Quebec Quake (10)
Go 1-3 in Pool A Play and qualify for the 4th Place Bracket with a very outside chance of earning the 4th bid.
Loose to Boston Lions in the 4th Place Bracket pre-quarters. No final results posted, but looks like they made semis of the 8th place Bracket.

O - Vancouver Furious George - 2 bids to Nationals available, Furious (3) in tough against Seattle Sockeye (1) and Portland Rhino (2).
Rhino beat Furious 13-7 in Pool B play, so they look good, but will probably meet Vancouver one more time in the G2G and anything can happen with the final bid on the line.
Pool play finished with Seattle Sockeye and Portland Rhino with 5-0 records, Vancouver Furious George at 4-1. The final saw Rhino upset the Fish 16-14, which put Seattle in the G2G versus Furious. Sockeye win 15-9 so no Monkey in Texas this year. ... l-preview/
W - Vancouver Traffic - 3 bids, Seattle Riot (1) & Portland Schwa (3) and Traffic (2) all favoured to advance.
Traffic go 4-0 defeating Schwa in their Pool B game 15-12 earning a bye to semis.
The two pool play winners Riot and Traffic got byes to the 1st place bracket semis. The 2/3 team had play in games. Riot beat Schwa 15-9 and Traffic beat Seattle Underground (4) 15-6. The Final was a Riot 15-13 win over Vancouver, both earning bids by making the Final. Underground and Schwa won 3rd Place Bracket Semis to meet in the G2G, won by Portland 13-9. ... s-preview/

Canadian bid winners going to Frisco Texas for the Championships
Toronto GOAT earns 2nd and final NE bid.
Montreal Iris finishes 2nd earning a NE bid and Toronto Capitals finish 4th getting the final bid.
Vancouver Traffic, 2nd winning one of NW 3 bids.
All the Regional bid winners here: ... ualifiers/ ... rs-thread/

Frisco Texas, October 1-4
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