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Strange things with Caledonia field

PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 2:18 am
by smash-crunch
How come TUC isn't making full use of their permit for Caledonia Cricket Pitch South? Right now they have it split into South 1 on Mondays and South 2 on Wednesdays. Meanwhile on Mondays they use Caledonia Soccer Field, which isn't nearly as large as the cricket field, and also ends 30 minutes earlier. On Tuesdays they only have a permit for the soccer field, which is understandable if the cricket field is in use.

I don't know about Wednesdays specifically, but on Monday nobody is using South 2, meanwhile the soccer field has the aforementioned limitations, and usually a group of soccer players practicing on the one net available to them because of the suggested orientation of the field by TUC.

This is the suggested orientation:

Where you can see Cricket South 1 and 2, and also the soccer field. Notice the suggestion for the soccer field has trees in the endzone. Usually teams end up with a stubby little field in compensation of the trees, and soccer players using up the other net.

A preferable orientation of the soccer field would be like this:

Which actually makes use of the space supposedly available with the permit (which I assume includes both nets like a soccer field would)

However Cricket South 2 is still not in use in all of this on Mondays. Presumably if the permit for the Soccer field includes both nets, then the permit for the Cricket field includes the entire cricket field. Why is this?