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Where are all the women?

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Where are all the women?

Postby larrypmac » Mon May 14, 2018 4:02 pm

So many teams looking to add ladies to their roster this summer. Hat teams have guys, looking for women.

I'm all for gender equality and I much prefer playing co-ed leagues than open... but it's going to be a tough summer when I have five girls and nine guys, and the girls are known for missing more games than the guys, too. :cry:

Accepting female volunteers for Tuesday Intermediate West if anyone wants to help out! :D :shock:
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Re: Where are all the women?

Postby keith1 » Sat May 19, 2018 3:26 pm

Agreed .. something needs to happen.

I've captained teams since 2002, and year by year it's more difficult to field enough women. I reached out for plenty of help (league, coaches, volunteers) "please send any women looking to play an extra night" - even offered to cover their fees - the feedback was always the same - "we're short women too".

By the time we replaced a couple players - it was May, and we lost our spot - the div wasn't full. So sad, because half our team is under 20, the new generation, and we don't have a team for them.

Not sure what the solution is but more dialogue can only be helpful.

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Re: Where are all the women?

Postby supermita » Mon May 21, 2018 10:54 am

Honestly, as a female I can tell you that the mansplaining and condescension from some male players is a turnoff. I remember running into a former female teammate on a hat team, recalling how "douchey" some guys were to us; also not throwing to us or letting girls pick up the disc. The women's clinics help, but I think a lot of women get turned off and bail.

- Mita
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Re: Where are all the women?

Postby petertaylor02 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:06 pm

Condescension from anyone is a turn off. It sucks that the experiences you and other women have had with what I hope has been only a few males have turned many of you away from co-ed.

But where do we go from here? As a co-captain on my teams, it's always a feat to get female subs on any given night let alone having to find additional subs for Pick It Up week. At least with a fixed ratio everyone who has paid to play knows exactly what they are paying for. Also the women on my team are the backbone of the team. We wouldn't have anywhere near the success we do if they didn't lead us on the field. In terms of a culture change, which I think is the point of Pick It Up week, it seems like my team is fulfilling the idea of it yet we still struggle to find bodies with the floating ratio and Pick It Up. If gender equity is the issue here then have an even number of players on the field. If you want to incorporate the role of women into the game more then I don't believe having more women on the field when most teams can't even find them, nor are they paying the team fees, is the solution either. I would lobby for points having to be thrown by women only or a minimum number of female throws per point/possession.

In summary, if guys are so boneheaded that using your women at any point is a greater risk than your men, then they can very easily exclude 4 women instead of 3 on the field. I don't think it's a strong route to go for change when the only change you're mandating is at the start of each point and hoping it trickles into the gameplay. Plus it takes away playing time from paying team members. And women subs are hard to find because some other guys have turned a lot of them off of co-ed.

P.S. If gender equity is the issue then why do women have their own gender and all other genders are lumped into Open?
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Re: Where are all the women?

Postby redi42 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:27 pm

Since we have a database of TUC players going back quite a way, it seems it would be pretty straightforward to plot the gender distribution in TUC over the years - is this possible?

is it getting better or worse?
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