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Update Regarding Cricket Fields at Sunnybrook

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Update Regarding Cricket Fields at Sunnybrook

Postby -JR- » Wed Jun 28, 2006 11:11 am

To TUC Members,

One of the obstacles of getting more cricket fields this summer at Sunnybrook has been the potential danger of being hit by cricket balls. There are so many cricket players and only a few batting cages – therefore cricketers are playing outside of the caged area and putting Ultimate players at risk. We have received several complaints about this.

In the event that cricketers are hitting balls outside of the cages, please have your Captain or Team Rep POLITELY ask them to stop. The reason being, we have the permit for the fields beside the cages, and balls being hit outside of the cages put our players at serious risk. These cricketers do not have any permits, and we have the right to request this of them.

In the event that they do not respect your request, team captains (or preferably League Convenor if on-site) can call the on-site Patrol Foreman at 416.677.7134 (or 7135 if that doesn’t work) and ask the Foreman to remove the people from the dangerous area outside of the cages. Please use with discretion. It is possible that this group will stop and another group will appear later with the same problem happening again. Hopefully over time though this situation will be diminished. This is part of having more cricket fields at Sunnybrook than we’ve had in the past.

The worst thing that teams can do is display poor spirit and show hostility. We must be sure to take the 'higher road' when dealing with the cricketers.

Finally, a couple notes regarding the cricket fields:

- Please do not congregate on the "pitch" area of the cricket fields, but rather setup your team area on the grass beside it
- Please wear running shoes when possible on the cricket fields. The grass on cricket fields are cut shorter, and cleats cause greater damage to the fields - this could impact our permit applications for next year.

Thanks and enjoy your games!
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