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Questions about Subs for Playoffs

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Questions about Subs for Playoffs

Postby -JR- » Fri Sep 08, 2006 12:08 pm

Hello TUC Players,

To clarify the policy on subs for Playoffs, here is the policy verbatim:

To be eligible for league playoff participation, a player must:
- be a registered TUC member
- be added to the team roster no later than the first weekend of August (for 2006, the deadline is August 5)
- play a minimum of five games with the team during the regular season
- In order to enforce these terms & conditions, we rely heavily on the honour system and on our team captains. Please abide by the Spirit of the Game when dealing with this (and any other game) issue. Remember, free-riding on the backs of registered TUC members is unfair and thus contravenes the Spirit of the Game.

In the past we have allowed teams, who are VERY short on numbers, to pickup a player from another team, under the following conditions:
- that they met the above criteria
- that they declared the pickup to the opposing team and the opposing team approved the pickup - if the opposing team does not approve then you could not use this player
- again, that they absolutely required this player to FIELD A TEAM, not to have extra subs or gain a competitive advantage

We will allow the above scenario again this year. If there are any discrepancies with rosters, or complaints, we will have the rosters on hand to address those.

In summary, if a team needs a body in order to field 7 players (and maybe 1 sub in case of injury) that is acceptable, if a team is picking up non-roster players to bolster its subs or gain any perceived competitive advantage, that is unacceptable. We believe this is the most fair solution, because we want teams to be able to play the games, but as mentioned below it is not fair to other teams who have earned the right to be there and compete for a top spot.

If you have any questions on site don't hesitate to come see us at Disc Central.

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