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Postby peterd » Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:06 am

Anyone wanna explain these to me?

1) I'm on D and I call a pick. The thrower throws to someone on the other side of the field for a point. Does the point count because the pick didn't affect the play? If my teammate says "it affected the play because I stopped running" does that matter?

2) My teammate calls a pick. The guy he called it on disagrees and wants to argue. Is there any point to this? Does his opinion matter in any material way?

3) While I'm on the subject, is it redundant to say I'm on D when I called the pick? Is there any conceivable way I would call a pick on offence?

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Postby GregS » Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:34 am

1. The point stands, because it didn't affect the play. "I stopped running" is officially not an excuse.
XVI.K: A player's ability to catch or make a play on the disc is not considered to be "affected" because that player stopped, slowed down, or otherwise ceased to continue playing because a call was made by another player.

2. I think a pick can be contested, but there's not much point to doing so.
XIV.A.5.b: (The count is resumed with the word "stalling" followed by) count reached plus 1, or 6 if over 5

Other violations and fouls are listed in this section with contested and uncontested variations, but picks are not, so the stall count is unaffected. If you explain why you think it's not a pick, the caller might agree and rescind their call, which could affect where people get to set up on the field.

3. Only a defender can call a pick.
XVI.I.1: A pick occurs whenever an offensive player moves in a manner that causes a defensive player guarding (II.G) an offensive player to be obstructed by another player.
XVI.I.2: A pick can be called only by the obstructed player.

According to the first part, only a defensive player being obstructed is a pick, and from the second part only the obstructed player can call it.
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Postby peterd » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:21 am

thanks Greg
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