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Marker doesn't drop stall count on marker violation?

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Marker doesn't drop stall count on marker violation?

Postby nyxll » Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:52 am

What does one do if the thrower calls a marker violation on the marker, and they just keep counting?

I had called "disc-space" in a game and the marker kept counting, and didn't remedy the situation. I called it again, and nothing happened, then called "violation". At that point the marker called "I contest".

I know the rule is that the marker is supposed to drop the count on the call, but didn't. The ruling for a general violation is last count + 1.

Help please.
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Postby tugbo » Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:39 pm

You are right. The marker should not have kept counting.

XIV.B.7 "When a marking violation is called, play does not stop. The violation must be corrected before the marker can resume the stall count.
If the marker resumes the stall count before correcting a marking violation, it is another instance of the original marking violation, which may be called by the thrower. "

"If a marker commits a marking violation after being called for a marking violation during the same stall count (XIV.A.1) but before the thrower is in the act of throwing, the thrower may choose to either call another marking violation or to treat the marking violation as a general defensive violation (XVI). To treat it as a general violation, the thrower must call “violation."

So, calling violation is the correct thing to do.

When the marker calls "I contest" it seems clear there should be a brief rule discussion.

Explain that ignoring your "disc-space" call and continuing the stall count is not allowed by the rules. The marker must either accept your call and remedy the "disc-space" situation before resuming the stall at count reached - 1 or they must contest your "disc-space" call when they hear it (and thus stop play).

I would assume a brief discussion on why the thrower believes there is a "disc-space" violation and why the marker disagrees would also be in order.

As for the stall count for restarting play after the rules discussion, I am less sure.

I think it should be Count reached plus 1, or 6 if over 5 as per

XIV.A.5.a.3 Contested foul or violation
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